Dolls' Houses Past & Present

A website and ezine about dolls' houses: antique, vintage and modern. Plus furniture and accessories.

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Dolls Houses Past and Present Magazine Copyright

The Dolls Houses Past and Present website magazine is for private use only and must not be reproduced in part or full in any form. Each writer/photographer/contributor is responsible for, and retains copyright to, their own text/photographs/contribution to this magazine. By downloading, storing, saving or re-printing the magazine in either part or full you hereby agree to these conditions of copyright.


Images on this website magazine are reproduced for the purposes of research and study only. Whilst every effort would have been made to trace any Copyright holders, we would be grateful for any information concerning Copyright of any of the images and we will withdraw them immediately on Copyright holder's request.

For Sale Free Ads

The For Sale Free Ads section of this website is where members of Dolls Houses Past and Present can post for sale adverts free of charge. The adverts are to be related to the topic / interest of the website. The website owner and administrator do not endorse, nor profit in whole or in part from any product or service offered or promoted by any of the items that appear on the site. It is the responsibility of the buyer to seek assurance about the advertiser and evaluate items and negotiate purchase agreement with the seller. The owner and administrator at do not take responsibility for the accuracy of adverts placed on the site and will not be part of said negotiations nor in any purchase agreements between buyer and seller. The owner and administrator will not be involved in any disputes between buyers and sellers. If you do not accept these terms do not use the For Sale Free Ads section of this website.


1. You must supply a valid contact email address or phone number.

2. Your Ad must be dated with commencing date.

3. Five Ads only at any one time (If possible, multiple items can be included in one photo, this will be considered as one listing). This number may have to be reduced, it will depend on demand.

4. Ads will stay on for a minimum of one month, and after this time they can be deleted by site owner / administrator.

5. No more than four photos per ad, photos should be no more than 500kb. (interested parties can email for more photo's to be sent direct).

6. All Ads must give a fair description of item, 500 characters maximum.

7. It is highly recommended that sellers obtain proof of posting item(s) to buyers.

8. Seller is required to delete their item/s that have been sold.

8. No Ads not relating to the Website interest, or Links. Ads will be deleted and violators banned.

We do not like having to delete Ads or ban anyone but in order to keep this For Sale Free Ads section of the site open and free it is necessary to prevent abuse. Please obey the rules for everyone's benefit.


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