Dolls' Houses Past & Present

A website and ezine about dolls' houses: antique, vintage and modern. Plus furniture and accessories.

Issue 1, May 2009

Page 1. Contents

Page 2. Brief History of Dolls Houses by Wendy Gater

            Keeping a record of your collection and valuation

                                                         by Sue Russell

Page 3. Princess Elizabeth's Playhouse by Deirdre Alden

Page 4. My Collection by Beatrice Dassonville

Page 5. Restoration of a rather unusual Christian Hacker Dolls House by Cynthia Noakes

Page 6. A Very Large Edwardian Dolls House by Wendy Gater

Page 7. C. E. Turnbull & Co by Rebecca Green

Page 8. The Nurseryland Drapery Store by Deirdre Alden

Page 9. G. & J. Lines and Lines Bros (Triang) by Wendy Gater

Page 10. An Interview with Linda Bancroft by Julie Plovnick

Page 11. The V & A Museum by Wendy Gater

               Members Competition

Issue 3, November 2009

Page 2.  Contents

               The Tale of Winsford House by Celia Thomas   

Page 3. Homemade Australian Dolls Houses by Rebecca Green

Page 4. The History of Moko Toys by Wendy Gater

Page 5.  Very Rare Dol-Toi Glass Pieces by Eleanor Brown

Page 6.  Nelson Villa - a Piece of Flat Pack Furniture by Daniel Brookbank

Page 7.  Rare Antique Miniatures by Sue

Page 8.  G. & J. Lines Bros No.37 Dolls House by Marion Martin

                 Mouselow Dolls by Alison Luck

Page 9.  Conway Valley Company by Rebecca Green and Wendy Gater

Page 10. Barton Fireplaces - A small Visual Guide by Claire Quick

Page 11. G. & J. Lines Ltd 1931 Bungalow by Marion Osborne

Page 12. "A Box of Memories"- Breast Cancer Campaign by Celia Thomas

Page 13. To Restore or Not to Restore Part 2 by Wendy Gater


Issue 5, June 2010

Issue 6, August 2010

Issue 7, November 2010

Page 1. Index and intro

Page 2. A Lifetime's Passion (Part 1) by Angela Bulteel

Page 3. A Local Treasure by Annette Hoar

Page 4. Restoration of a C.E.Turnbull Dolls House  by Wendy Stephen

Page 5. Pomona Toys by Rebecca Green

Page 6. A 1930s German Wagner Dolls House by Celia Thomas

Page 7. Isle of Wight - travel report of a miniaturist from Germany by diepuppenstubensammlerin

Page 8. Albert Neely Hall, prolific designer of dolls houses by Rebecca Green

Page 9. Designer Profile: Paris Renfroe, PRD Miniatures by Carol Morehead

Page 10. Give-away Competition for Members

                  Submission Guidelines

Issue 8, February 2011

Page 1. Index

Page 2. A Lifetime's Passion (Part 2) by Angela Bulteel

Page 3. Ladies' Guild Furniture by Elizabeth Jackson

Page 4. 1925 Tootsie Toy House by Tracy H

Page 5. Built-Rite Cardboard Houses by Susan Hale

Page 6. The Dolly Varden Dolls House circa 1936 -1940 by Celia Thomas of KT Miniatures

Page 7. Tuna Kullan, an unbelievable story of a piece of Swedish craftsmanship by Susanne Hjelm

Page 8. Bodo Hennig’s dolls houses   by diepuppenstubensammlerin

Page 9. 2011 New York International Toy & Gift Fairs by Christine Ferrara

Page 10. Designer Profile: Doris Nathanson of minimodernistas by Carol Morehead

Page 11. Printing miniature fabric: a tutorial by Anna-Maria C Sviatko

Page 12. Competition for DHPP members; Just for Fun - A Puzzle from 1932; Submission Guidelines

Issue 12, March 2012

Page 1            Index

Page 2            Bleuette - The famous little "Blueberry" of France by

                       Susan Hale

Page 3            Antique Travel Dollhouse by Tracy Harnish

Page 4            Westacre Village Furniture - Sofas and Chairs by

                        Barbara King

Page 5            Handicrafts Dolls House Designs by Rebecca Green

Page 6            Fairy Princess Doll Furniture by Florine Bettge

Page 7            Sunray Series - British Made - SMS, Queries by Marion


Page 8            Hückel Posable dolls for dolls houses by

                        diepuppenstubensammlerin and Rebecca Green

Page 9            A Depression Era Dollhouse by Judy Spadoni, Pixie

                        Packet Miniatures

Page 10            An Art Deco house, made and furnished by Artisans

                         by Jazz

Page 11            Kim Selwood - Miniature Furniture Maker

Page 12            Making Beaded Dolls House Lamps by Joan Joyce

Page 13            How to Age a Chair by Joan Joyce

Page 14            Thoughts on Collecting by Rosemary

Page 15            Giveaway Competition for Members

                          Submission Guidelines

Issue 17, June 2013

Page 2 Red Roof and Bay Window Gottschalk Antique Dollhouse by Susan Hale

Page 3 Antique and Vintage Dollhouse Food by Tracy Harnish

Page 4 Lord Roberts Memorial Workshops' Dolls Houses by Rebecca  Green

Page 5 The Museum of Childhood, Wales by Jill Friendship

Page 6 Kaybot Novelties and Kay Miniatures by Rebecca Green

Page 7 Flower Windows by diepuppenstubensammlerin

Page 8 The Art of the Dollhouse by Carol Morehead with Naomi Kamiya

Page 9 Thimblelina's Quilt Shop and other dolls houses by Sue Guy

Page 10 How My Collection Started by Carol Boyett

Page 11 My Wild Garden by Brenda Hodges

Page 12 A Passion for Plates by Christine Hayward

Page 13 Make It - Custom Fireplace for Dolly by Shanni Schafer

Page 14 Art Deco Fireplace by Valerie Towers

Page 15 Giveaway Competition for Members

                 Submission Guidelines

Issue 21, June 2014

Page 2 Antique Gottschalk Roombox with Front and Back Rooms by Susan Hale

Page 3 Lincoln Furniture - for the 20th Century Art Deco Doll House by George Mundorf and Patty Cooper

Page 4 Let's Make Dolls: Hilde Bartel and Baps Flexible Dolls by diePuppenstubensammlerin

Page 5 Nolbyn made by Berith Bergström by Christine Kainu

Page 6 Hobbies of Dereham Dolls House Furniture and Fittings 1946-1968 by Rebecca Green

Page 7 Cowboys in Texas by Florine Bettge

Page 8 Thomas Toys - Miniatures With Real Play Value by Marcie & Bob Tubbs

Page 9 Hogarin Dolls and their Clothes by Luijuas & Co of El Cuartin de Juguete

Page 10 Chalet Dolls Houses by Rebecca Green

Page 11 My Georgian and 1920s Roomboxes by Brenda Hodges

Page 12 Stained Checkerboard Flooring by Shanni Schafer

Page 13 Building a Weathered Work Shed by Pepper

Page 14 Faux Brick Tutorial by Emily Boutard

Page 15 What’s On This Summer

Page 16 Giveaway Competition for Members

              Submission Guidelines

Issue 22, September 2013

Page 2  Moritz Gottschalk - a brief history by        diePuppenstubensammlerin

Page 3  Return to Wonderland by Florine Bettge

Page 4 A Playskool Pullman by Tracy Harnish

Page 5  Gee Bee Toys and Tudor Toys of Hull by Rebecca Green

Page 6  How technology arrived in the dolls house … as quickly as in the grown-up world by diePuppenstubensammlerin

Page 7  Why Play With Dolls? by Lorraine Rosner

Page 8  My 12th Scale Static Caravan and Seaside Scenes by Gillian Faulkner

Page 9  Hobbies of Dereham Dolls Houses and Wallpapers 1968-2014 by Rebecca Green

Page 10 cont'd -  Dolls House Papers sold by Hobbies

Page 11  ARC dollhouse by Chris Ferrara (Call of the Small)

Page 12  A Crochet Granny Square Bedcover by Valerie Towers

Page 13  Woven Card Box Tutorial by Sharee Sayers

Page 14 Giveaway Competition for Members

               Submission Guidelines

Issue 23, December 2014

Page 2 Big Worlds in Small Scales - A Dolls House Exhibition in Turkey by staff of the Rahmi M. Koç Museum, İstanbul

Page 3 Dunham's Cocoanut Dollhouse by Tracy Harnish
Page 4 Did Elinor M. Brent-Dyer have a dolls house? A Mystery ..... by Gil Bomber
Page 5 Dolls House Furniture of Ullrich and Hoffmann (Wichtelmarke), 1951-1970 by diepuppenstubensammlerin
Page 6 Hobbies of Dereham - Furniture and Fittings 1982-2014 by Rebecca Green
Page 7 A Dolls House Tour of Småland by Linda Bancroft, with help from Elisabeth Lantz and photos from Siegelinde Nedomansky
Page 8 The House That Moved
by Mike Adamson
Page 9 A Profile of Julie Bennett, Cottage Creations
Page 10 Our Christmas Village
by Troy Bettridge

Page 11 Four Modern Chairs for under £10 by Pinch of Pepper
Page 12 To Make Crazy Patchwork
by Judy Rowse

Page 13 Giveaway Competition for Members

               Submission Guidelines

Issue 25, June 2015

Page 2 Beloved Boulle - A glimpse of two dolls house furniture factories in Waltershausen by Swantje Köhler

Page 3 Dolls Houses of Sydney Toy Store Walther & Stevenson by Rebecca Green

Page 4 Moritz Gottschalk Dolls Houses 1947-1971 by diePuppenstubensammlerin with Rebecca Green

Page 5 A Marx Dollhouse in my Collection by Lynn Soderlund

Page 6 Designed & Made by Christopher Cole - Part I by Zoe H

Page 7 ABSENCE: Art with the Doll's House Connection by Veronica Tonge and Jenny Fairweather

Page 8 The Stettheimer Dollhouse: A Biography, Part II by Kaitlin Vaughan

Page 9 A Mackintosh Cabinet by Janet Mansbridge

Page 10 How to Make a Bed from a Box by Jill Friendship

Page 11 Sofa Tutorial (For all scales) by Pinch of Pepper

Page 12 Giveaway Competition for Members

              Submission Guidelines 

Issue 26, September 2015

Page 2     Great-Grandfather’s Dolls House by Jenefer Warwick James

Page 3     A Szalasi Castle by Charles Kellenbereger

Page 4     Designed and Made by Christopher Cole, Part 2 by Zoe H

Page 5      Scale 1:16 and me by Catherine Fontaine

Page 6      My life in dolls houses by Pat Cutforth

Page 7      Quality in Miniature – a profile of Stokesay Ware by Linda Willis

Page 8      Nostalgia in Miniature Workshops by Celia Thomas & Robin Britton

Page 9      My Visit to Small Worlds Museum in the Czech Republic by Zoe H

Page 10     Christmas Trees by Jill Friendship

Page 11     Submission Guidelines