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Places to Visit: Dolls House Museums and Collections

On this page we share the locations of some museums that have Dolls’ Houses. This list is not exhaustive and recommendations are always welcome.

* Please check that the items you wish to see are on display before travelling.*

There may be admission charges.


If you have a disability please enquire as to access, some museums are very good, others not so efficient.

If travelling from outside your own country or state/county/province, please check open days as National Holidays can vary.

This list has been compiled by Ruth Keyworth, with additions by Rebecca Green and Gil Bomber. Please send corrections, additions or advice of broken links to Ruth and to Rebecca Green or Zoe H.






Czech Republic









South Africa





United Kingdom -


Northern Ireland



United States of America



National Museum of Australia, Lawson Cres, Acton ACT 2601

Phone (02) 6208 5000

Of note: Hetherington Doll’s House (1930s) (not always on display; check before visiting) 




Powerhouse Museum, 500 Harris St, Ultimo NSW 2007

Phone: (02) 9217 0111

Of note: Several dolls houses held, including two from Sydney store Walther & Stevenson. (Not always on display; check before visiting.)


Leura (Blue Mountains)

Leuralla Toy and Railway Museum, 36 Olympian Parade, Leura NSW 2780

Phone: (02) 4784 1169

Of note: Leuralla Dolls House, ca 1915 (in the Nursery)




Museum Victoria (several museums – uncertain which holds Pendle Hall, or whether it is on display; check before visiting.)

Of note: Pendle Hall dolls house, built by Mrs Felicity Clemons in Tasmania, 1940s-1980s.





Puppenhausmuseum, Marktplatz, AT-4364 St. Thomas am Blasenstein

Tel: 0043/072 6555825

Of note: Extensive collection of toys, dolls, dolls houses, privately owned.




Toy Museum, Bürgerspitalgasse 2, 5020 Salzburg

Tel.+43662 620808-300




Speelgoed Museum Mechelen (Toy Museum), Nekkerspoelstraat 21, 2800 Mechelen

Phone +32 (0)15 / 55.70.75

Of note: reported to have many dolls houses, dolls shops and dolls kitchens. Not known how many are on display.




Le Musée du Jouet de Bruxelles, Rue de l'Association, 24 - 1000 Bruxelles

Phone 02/219.61.68

Of note: several dolls houses, of German, Spanish and unknown origin; dolls house furniture. Not known if they are on display.



Musée du Jouet Ferrières, Rue de Lognoul 6, 4190 Ferrières 

Phone  00 32 (0)86/40.08.23

Of note: Several doll kitchens and a dolls house from 1913.




Dundas Museum & Archives, 139 Park Street West, Dundas, Ontario, ONL9H 1X8

Phone:  905 627 7412

Of note: Domville Dolls House of 1899. At the time of writing in storage, so make appointment to view.

Czech Republic



Small Worlds/Male svety, Dr. Mareše 370 (next to the library "knihovna")

387 73 Bavorov, Czech Republic

Tel:   00420-608233310



Of note: Private collection of houses and other tiny toys collected and made over forty years by Gil Bomber



Toy Museum – Chateau, Benátky nad Jizerou, +420 326 316 595

Museum website (in Czech):

Tourist information (in English):

Of note: dolls houses, roomboxes, shops, model Japanese houses, etc



Muzeum domečků, panenek a hraček (Museum of dollshouses, dolls and toys), Litomyšl,

Jiráskova 4

570 01 Litomyšl

Tel. +420 734 802 946


GPS 49°52'21.151"N, 16°18'50.115"E



Prague Toy Museum, Jirská 4, Prague 1 (in the Prague Castle premises)

Tel: +420 243 722 94 / +420 243 711 11

Of note: large collection of toys through the ages, including dolls houses, roomboxes and a separate display of Barbies.


HOVEDSTADEN (Capital Region)

Nationalmuseet (National Museum of Denmark), Prinsens Palæ (Prinsens Palais), Ny Vestergade 10, 1471 Copenhagen K 

Phone: +45 3313 4411

Of note: many dolls houses, including "The Three Sisters", ca 1850, by tradition played with by the three daughters of King Christian IX, displayed in the permanent exhibition "Stories of Denmark (1660-2000)".


Legetøjsmuseum Olgas Lyst (Olga's Delight Toy Museum),  Sommerstedgade 11, 1718 København V (Copenhagen)

Phone: +45 33 23 85 58 or 60 89 85 58


 Of note: Private collection of dolls and toys, including dolls houses from 1860-1920.


Skuldelev Dukkemuseum og legetøjssamling (Skuldelev Doll Museum and Toy Collection), Fasanvej 5. Skuldelev 4050 Skibby
Phone: 47520154

Of note:  some dolls houses, Hans Andersen dolls.


NORDJYLLAND (North Denmark)

Miniseum,  Memstrupsvej 1 Fjelsted 9550 Mariager

Phone:  + 46 8648 4824

Of note: Large display of recent collectors' dolls houses, and a large model of Gammel Estrup Manor House. Has a shop.


SYDDANMARK (Southern Denmark)

Egeskov Castle, Egeskov Stewards Office, Egeskov Gade 18, DK-5772, Kraerndrup.

Phone (0045 for Denmark) 6227 1016 or in English:

Of note: Titania’s Palace, craftsman built house, originally from Ireland.


Museum Sønderjylland, Sønderborg Slot, Sønderbro 1, 6400 Sønderborg


Phone: 74 42 25 39


Of note: toy collection of the 1900s, including a large dolls house


KJ Design Dukkehusmuseum, Klintholmvej 49, 5874 Hesselager
Phone: 6130 7856
Of note:  Display of recent collectors' dolls houses set in various time periods, including the 1950s and 2010. Has a shop.




Suomelinnan lelumuseo (Suomelinna Toy Museum), Suomenlinna C66, 00190 Helsinki

Phone: +358 40 500 6607

Of note: Toys from Finland 1800-1960, including some dolls houses and dolls furniture.


Muumilaakso (Moominvalley Moomin Museum), Tampere Art Museum, Puutarhakatu 34, 33101 Tampere

Phone: +358 (0)3 5656 6577

Of note: gallery dedicated to the works of Tove Jansson, including a 2.5m Moomin house built by Tove Jansson in the 1970s.



Vapriikki Museum Centre, Alaverstaanraitti 5, 33100 Tampere

Phone: +358 03 5656 6966

Of note: Home to the Doll Museum (Nukkemuseo), which includes a variety of dolls houses.


Turku Castle, Linnankatu 80, 20100 Turku

Phone: +358 (0) 2 262 0300

Of note: the Children's Castle is said to have some dolls houses and toys.





Musée de l'Œuvre Notre Dame, 3 Place du Château, 67000, Strasbourg.

Phone 33 3 88 52 50 00

Of note: Should contain the Strasbourg Baby House of 1680, please check before visiting.


Musée Alsacien, 23 – 25 Quai Saint Nicolas, 67000, Strasbourg

Phone 03 88 52 50 01

Of note: Historic room boxes.





Musée des Arts Décoratifs, 107 Rue de Rivoli, 75001, Paris

Phone 01 44 55 57 50

Of note: Dolls Houses, Toys

Caution, get the address right, there are 3 Museums within this group.


Musée de la Poupée, 28 Rue Beaubourg, 75003 Paris

Phone 01 42 72 73 11

Of note: Dolls house in foyer with many Bleuette dolls.




Musée du Jouet, 1 Enclos de L’Abbaye, 78300, Poissy

Phone 01 39 65 06 06

Of note: Doll Rooms, toys teddy bears.




Musée des Poupées et des Nounours,

4, rue de l'Estrangladou,

30350 Lézan

email or or contact Ulla-Maija through her member profile dollhousedreams

Of note: more than 50 dolls houses and roomboxes, including Gottschalk, Silber & Fleming, Handicrafts, etc






Musée des Civilisations de L’Europe et de la Méditeranée, 7 Promenade Robert Laffont, (Esplanade du J4) CS 10351, 13213 Marseille, Cedex 02

Phone 04 84 35 13 00

Of note: Now houses the collections of the former Musée des Arts et Traditions Populaires Paris. Should include a Mansard Roof Christian Hacker, PLEASE CHECK before travelling.






Städtisches Museum Űberlingen, Krummebergstrasse 30, D – 88662

Phone 07551 991079

Of note: 55 Dolls Houses


Ulmer Museum, Markplatz 9, 89073 Ulm.

Phone 0049 731 161 43 30

Of note: Reputed Baby House, needs confirmation.




Nűrnberg  / Nuremberg

Germanisches  Nationalmuseum,  Kartäusergasse 1, 90402 Nűremberg

Toy section at Kartäusergasse 20

Phone +49 (0) 911 13310

Of note: Four early Baby Houses and much more.


Spielzeugmuseum (Museum Lydia Bayer), Karlstrasse 13-15, 90403 Nűrnberg

Phone +49 (0) 911 231 31 64

Of note: Collection of Christian Hacker toys.


Műnchen / Munich

Műnchner Stadtmuseum, St Jacobs Platz 1, 80331 Műnchen

Phone 49 (0) 89 233 22370

Of note: Room Boxes, Toys, Dolls House



Spielzeugmuseum im Pleinfelder Tor, 91792 Ellingen

Henriette / Karl Westinger

Telefon: 09141 / 70545

email: henriette16[at] (replace [at] with @ )

Of note: Small private toy museum in delightful gatehouse tower.




Altonaer Museum, Museumstrasse 23, 22765 Hamburg

Phone 040 428 135 3582

Reputed Classroom and Shop, please check




Historisches Museum, Fahrtor 2 (Römerberg) 60311, Frankfurt am Main

Phone +49(0) 69 212 35154

Of note: Gontard Baby House, Toy collection.

Check availability as Museum has undergone reconstruction.





Bad Münstereifel

Museum für Puppen und Spielzeug
Bad Münstereifel, Alte Gasse 28 Telefon: 02253 / 543881 und 0178 / 6848464

Of note: dolls houses, roomboxes, shops, etc


Mechernich Kommern

Freilichtmuseum Kommern, Rheinisches Landesmuseum  fűr Volkskunde, Eickser Strasse

D 53894, Mechernich Kommern

Phone 02443 99800

Of note: Reputed Dolls House and Toy Kitchens please check




Puppenstubenmuseum der 30er und 50er Jahre (Dolls House Museum of the 30s and 50s), Rosenweg 3, 67814 Jakobsweiler.

Phone: Rosemarie Hahn : +49(0) 63 57 / 76 31
Ingeborg Michno : +49(0) 63 57 / 12 95


Of note: About 65 dolls houses and roomboxes





Schlossmuseum Arnstadt, Neues Palais, Schlossplatz 1, 99310 Arnstadt

Phone 03628 60 29 32

Of note: Mon Plaisir model village commissioned by Princess Dorothea of Arnstadt.




Tara’s Palace Museum of Childhood, Powerscourt House & Gardens, Enniskerry,  County Wicklow, Ireland

Phone  353 01 2748090

Of  note: Tara’s Palace and other houses.




Museo Civico d’Arte Industriale e Quadreria Davia Bargellini, Strada Maggiore 44, 40125 Bologna.

Phone 39 051 23 67 08 / 39 051 22 88 21

Of note: Model of 18th C Town house, Marionette Theatre.




Museum Kinderwereld (Children's World Museum), Brink 31, 9301 JK Roden
Phone 050-5018851

Of note: some dolls houses, antique and recent



Rozet, Kortestraat 16, 6811 EP Arnhem

Phone 026-35 43 100

Of note: the 18th century dolls house owned by painter Lizzy Ansingh (1875-1959) (formerly in the Historisch Museum Arnhem Burgerweeshuis) 



Speelgoedmuseum Oosterhout, Zandheuvel 51, Oosterhout

Phone +31 162 452 815

Of note: dolls shops, dolls kitchens, dolls houses, model buildings



Frans Hals Museum, Groot Heiligland 62, 2011 ES Haarlem

Phone 31 23 5 115775

Of note: Baby House (may be Blaauw Baby House)


Rijksmuseum, Museumstrat 1, 1971 XX, Amsterdam

Phone 31 900 0745

Of note: Petronella Oortman House, painting of same by Jacob Appel 1710



Speelgoedmuseum Deventer (Deventer Toy Museum), Brink 47, 7411 BV Deventer

Phone +31 (0)570 693786

Of note: display of dolls houses from 1850 to the present. 



Gemeente Museum, Stadhouderslaan 41, 2517 HV, Den Haag

Phone 31 70 3381111

Of note: Sara Rothe House 1743 ( may be the Sara Plous van Amstel house under another name)


Huis Van Guin (Van Gijn House), Nieuwe Haven 30, NL - 3311 AP Dordrecht

Phone +31 78 6398200

Of note: an 18th century dolls house and other dolls houses. (The 18th century house has recently been restored, and features in an exhibition called Klein! (Small!) which runs from 3 July 2015 - January 2016.) 



Centraal Museum, Agnietenstraat 1, 3512 XA Utrecht

Phone  31 30 2362362

Of note: should be Petronella de la Court Baby House, not clear if on display.



The Norwegian Digital Museum database is useful for locating dolls houses and dolls house furniture. The database does not indicate which dolls houses are on display.



Gamle Hvam Museum (Store-Hvamsvegen 26, 2165 Hvam.

Phone  66 93 66 38

Of note: several dolls houses from the first half of the 20th century, plus some dolls house furniture.


Asker Museum, Otto Valstads vei 19, 1395 Hvalstad

Phone +47 66 79 00 11

Of note: one dolls house



KUBEN cultural centre, Parkveien 16, 4838 Arendal

Phone +47 37 01 79 00 

Of note:  one set of dolls house table & chairs made in Norway ca 1925.



Kvinnemuseet (National Women's Museum), Løkkegaten 35, 2213 Kongsvinger

Phone 62 88 82 90

Of note: an antique roombox (unfurnished).



Lofoten Toy Museum, Sakrisøy, N-8390 Reine i Lofoten
Tel. +47 76 09 21 43 - Fax +47 76 09 24 88

Of note: Within the Arctic circle; has many dolls, including some dolls house dolls.



Hadeland Folkemuseum, Kongevegen 92, 2770 Jaren
Phone +47 61 31 32 80
Of note:  homemade 3 room dolls house ca 1920, with homemade & bought furnishings.




Norsk Folkemuseum (The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History), Museumsv.10, Oslo

Phone +47 22 12 37 00

Of note: around two dozen dolls houses of the 19th and 20th centuries, several made in Norway, plus dolls house furnishings.


Norsk Teknisk Museum, Kjelsåsveien 143, 0491 Oslo

Phone 22 79 60 00

Of note: dolls house and accessories made in the 1950s by the Chief Engineer of Norwegian company Kværner Brug A/S for his grandchildren.



Haugalandmuseene, Skåregt. 142, Haugesund

Phone 52 70 93 60

Of note: one tiny 1950s/60s dolls house; some older dolls house furniture.



Sverresborg Trøndelag Folkemuseum, Sverresborg Allè 13, , 7020 Trondheim

Phone 73 89 01 00 / 10

Of note: several Norwegian dolls houses.


Norsk rettsmuseum (Norwegian National Museum of Justice), Kongens gate 95, 7012 Trondheim

Phone 73 50 03 05 / 900 24 074

Of note: one dolls house, previously in ‘Bots prison'.



Berg - Kragerø Museum, Lovisenbergvn. 45, 3770 Kragerø

Phone +47 35 54 45 00

Of note: two mid 20th century dolls houses and some furnishings.



Kristiansand Museum, Vigeveien 22B, PB 4048 Kongsgård. 4689 Kristiansand

Phone 38 10 26 90

Of note: one homemade dolls house from the 1960s.

South Africa

Stellenbosch Toy and Miniature Museum, Market Street, Stellenbosch 7600

Phone 021 882 8861

Of note:  a collection of 1:12 scale miniatures and room boxes, may have antique dolls houses too.


Hazel's World of Miniatures, Ramsgate, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Phone: +27(0)834479261


Of note: A private museum of handcrafted and vintage miniatures, including a Triang Mickey Mouse nursery set.



Museo del Juguete, Denia
Calle Calderon s/n.
Tel. 96 642 02 60

Of note: Denia was a centre of toymaking in the 20th century, including dolls houses and dolls house furniture. Unknown how many, if any, are held by the Museum.



Museo Casa de Muñecas,


Of note: CLOSED. This museum had around 50 dolls houses. Photos can be found on the web, including this flickr album by Mónica Diez.



Charlottenborg Castle / Motala Museum,  Strandvägen 71, 591 46 Motala 

Phone:  0141- 23 35 91

Of note: About 40 dolls houses and other model buildings representing a small town, including a patisserie, school, residential homes, shops and ordinary homes, etc, made by a couple called Nielsen in the late 1990s.


Museihuset, Ljungs Västra Bro 1, 590 70 Vreta kloster (between Motala and Linköping)

Phone: 01339 4044

Of note: Some dolls houses, as well as many model cars, model trains, Lego, etc.




Brio Lekoseum, Briogatan 2, 283 31 Osby

Phone +46 (0)479-312 47


Also on facebook:

Of note: display of Brio dolls houses, plus Märklin model railways, the largest collection of Barbie dolls in Sweden, and Santa's house and workshop, etc.

Kulturen i Lund (Lund Cultural and Historical Museum), Tegnérplatsen, 22350 Lund.

Of note: A dolls house in the Play Loft on the second floor; a collection of silver filigree dolls house furniture made in the Netherlands in the late 17th century (not always on display).




See Linda Bancroft's article A Dolls House Tour of Småland.


Dockskåps Huset i Hulu, Lommaryds-hulu Missionshuset 1, 578 91 Aneby
Phone: 073 021 59 80, 070 333 01 20
Of note: Christine Kainu's private collection of dolls houses from Sweden, Germany, England, etc, plus bathrooms, kitchens, forts, etc.  
Gemla Leksaksmuseum (Toy Museum), Hembygdsvägen 1, 360 32 Gemla
Phone: Sven Aronsson 0470-67330 or Bertil Nilsson 0470-67007

Micki Leksaker headquarters (and museum?), Industrivägen 7, 360 32 Gemla
Of note: current owner of Lundby brand; museum of Lundby and Micki dolls houses.


Dockskåpsvrån Rävlämmen, Lotorp Vandrarhem, Torgvägen 1, 610 13 Lotorp

Phone: 073-3971070

Of note: Ingegerd Carlborg's private collection of about 70 dolls houses from 1900 on, from Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, the UK and the USA, plus furnishings from 1850 on.


Nordiska museet, Djurgårdsvägen 6-16, 115 93 Stockholm
Phone: 08 519 547 70
Of note:  dolls houses of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries; the earliest is ca 1700.
Leksaksmuseet Stockholm (Stockholm Toy Museum), Tegelviksgatan 22, (östra Södermalm), Stockholm 
Phone: 08 - 641 61 00
Of note: some dolls houses, details unknown.



Villa Edros (home of Berith Bergström, maker of Nolbyn dolls houses and furniture)

7 km north of Filipstad towards Hagfors, Värmland, Sweden 

Open to visitors on one weekend in summer.



Vänersborgs Dockmuseum (Vänersborg Doll Museum), Residensgatan 2, 462 33 Vänersborg

Phone:  0521-61571

Of note: Private collection of dolls from ca 1840 to early Barbies; dolls' furniture, dolls' shops, etc.





Haus zum Kirschgarten, Elizabethenstrasse 27, 4051 Basel

Phone +41 61 205 86 00

Of note: Dolls Houses, doll kitchens, doll shops, Toy Gallery



Schweizerisches  Nationalmuseum, Museumstrasse 2, CH 8001 Zurich

Phone +41 (0) 44 218 65 11

Of note: Swiss culture, Toys, includes dolls hat & fabric shop ca 1790, dolls kitchen ca 1875, and six-room furnished tin litho Oro-Werke dolls house, ca 1925.




Rahmi M Koç Museum, Hasköy Cad No 5, Hasköy 34445, Istanbul

Phone 212 369 66 00

Of note: Collection of Dolls Houses from the 19th and 20th centuries 

United Kingdom


If phoning from outside the UK put 44 in front of the 0 when dialling.


The National Trust has properties in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (but not in Scotland or in the Republic of Ireland (Eire). National Trust properties have been identified as they run their own web pages with full details of all properties, cafes, gardens etc., so it is wise to check on the National Trust Web Site before visiting.  

The National Trust Collections can be searched online by Category, as well as by Collection (ie place held), Time Period, whether on display or not, etc. The categories include Dolls' Houses and Furnishings, and images are shown of many items. 



Queen Marys Dolls House, Windsor Castle, Berkshire, SL4 1NJ

Phone 020 7766 7304



Blaise Castle House Museum, Henbury Road, Bristol, BS10 7QS

Phone:  0117 903 9818

Of note: A collection of toys, including dolls houses and furniture.



Lyme Park, House & Garden, Disley, Stockport, Cheshire,  SK12  2NR

Phone 01663 762023

Of note: Edwardian toys (National Trust Property)



Lanhydrock,  Bodmin, Cornwall, PL30 5AD

Phone 01208 265950

Of note: Lines 21 in Children’s Nursery (National Trust Property)



A World in Miniature Museum, Houghton Hall Garden Centre, Houghton, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA6 4JB

Phone 01228 400 388

Of note: room sets and individual furnishings created in 1/12th scale by over 200 skilled artisans and miniaturists, from the late 1980s to ca 2000.


Hill Top, Near Sawrey, Hawkshead, Ambleside, Cumbria, LA22  0LF

Phone 015394 36269

Of note: Beatrix Potter's Dolls House (National Trust Property)



Calke Abbey, Ticknall, Derby, Derbyshire, DE73 7LE

Phone 01332 863822

Of note: Two dolls houses, one large possibly 19th century, one smaller mid 19th century.


Sudbury Hall & the National Trust Museum of Childhood, Sudbury, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, DE6 5HT

Phone 01283 585305

Of note: Museum of Childhood, Lines 21 (National Trust Property)



Allhallows Museum of Lace and Local Antiquities, High Street, Honiton, Devon,  EXC14 1PG

Phone 01404 44966

Of note: a mid Victorian furnished doll's house


Castle Drogo, Drewsteignton, Near Exeter, Devon, EX6 6PB

Phone 01647 433306

Of note: Two Dolls’ Houses, plus a Wendy house and miniature garden  (National Trust Property)


The Merchant's House Museum, 33 Saint Andrew Street, Plymouth PL1 2AX

Phone 01752 304774

Of note: Dolls House, possibly 19th century


Overbeck’s,  Sharpitor, Salcombe, Devon, TQ8 8LW

Phone 01548 842893

Of note: two dolls houses, one of unknown date decorated ca 1980s; one probably 19th century German. (National Trust Property)


Saltram, Plympton, Plymouth, Devon, PL7  1UH

Phone 01752 333500

Whiteways Dolls House (donated by Vivien Greene; check it is on view before visiting). (National Trust Property)



Dorset County Museum, High West Street, Dorchester, Dorset, DT1 1XA

Phone 01305 262735

Of note: a dolls house mentioned by a DHP&P member


Sherborne Museum, Church Lane, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 3BP

Phone 01935 812252

Of note: dolls houses, Ladies Guild dolls house furniture



The Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle, Co Durham DL12 8NP

Phone 01833 690606

Of note: small dolls house or model house, made ca 1840 by William Dobson, colliery labourer of Barnard Castle. (Check if on display.)

As of mid 2016, the antique and vintage toy display has been greatly reduced, and now includes only one dolls house.



Audley End house & Gardens, Off London Road, Saffron Walden,  Essex, CB11 4JF

Phone 01799 522842

Of note: Victorian dolls house in the children's nursery. (English Heritage Property)


Central Museum, Victoria Avenue, Southend on Sea, Essex, SS2  6EW

Phone 01702 212345

Of note: two dolls houses on display, two in store (as at October 2014)


The House on the Hill Toy Museum, Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex, CM24 8SP

Phone 01279 81323

Of note:  several dolls houses



Snowshill Manor and Garden, Snowshill, near Broadway, Gloucestershire, WR12 7J

Phone 01386 852410

Of note: dolls houses including furnished dolls house from 1907 and one of Georgian style.



Curtis Museum, High Street, Alton, Hampshire GU34 1BA

Phone 01420 82802

Of note: Dolls house in Gallery of Childhood



Dolls House Exhibition, Maple Street Dolls Houses & Miniatures, Wendy, Royston, Herts, SG8 0AB

Phone 01223 207025 or 01223 208937

Of note: display of roomboxes furnished in different periods, plus collections from the former dolls house museum at Petworth, Sussex; from Dawn Lockyer; and Patricia Labistour's exhibition of Music in Miniature.  




The Lilliput Antique Doll & Toy Museum, Brading, Isle of Wight. PO36 0DJ

Phone 01983 407231

Of note: some dolls houses, as well as many many dolls.



Hever Castle & Gardens, Hever, Edenbridge, Kent, TN8 7NG

Phone 01732 865224

Of note: Guthrie Collection of Miniature Model Houses by master miniaturist John J Hodgson. Illustrates the development of English country houses through the ages, from Tudor to Victorian times, in 1/12th scale.


Tunbridge Wells Museum & Art Gallery, Civic Centre, Mount Pleasant, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1 1JN

Phone 01892 554171

Of note: The Rigg Dolls House, 1840, and a ca 1890 dolls house.



Hoghton Tower, Hoghton, Nr Preston, PR5 0SH

Phone 01254 852986

Of note: 27 dolls houses, including some from the 19th and early 20th centuries.


Judges’ Lodgings,  Church Street, Lancaster,  LA1 1YS

Phone 01524 32808

Of note: Toys, including several dolls houses, on the top floor.




Museum of Lincolnshire Life,  Burton Road, Lincoln, LN1 3LY

Phone  01522 782040

Of note: a Kits Coty House




The Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood,  Cambridge Heath Road, London, E2 9PA

Phone 020 8983 5200

Of note: many Dolls’ Houses


Pollock's Toy Museum & Shop, 1 Scala Street, London W1T 2HL

Phone 020 7636 3452
Of note: Many dolls houses from the mid 1800s to the mid 20th century. Display may vary.


Museum of London, 150 London Wall, London, EC2Y 5HN

Phone 020 7001 9844

Of note: Blackett’s Baby House




Strangers Hall, 4 Charing Cross, Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 4AL

Phone 01603 667229 / 493625

Of note: Several dolls houses and dolls house furniture in reserve collection (not currently on public display; contact curator).


King’s Lynn Town Hall, Saturday Market Place, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 5DQ

Phone 01553 775839

Of note: Reputed to have the Lynn Baby House (check).




Wallington, Cambo, Near Morpeth, Northumberland, NE61 4 AR

Phone 01670 77360

Of note: Hammond House & a room of Dolls Houses. (National Trust Property)



Wells and Mendip Museum, 8 Cathedral Green, Wells, Somerset BA5 2UE 

Phone: 01749 673477

Of note: Dolls house, probably 19th century; roombox decorated as model antique shop, with antique and vintage miniature glass, pottery, etc.



Christchurch Mansion, Soane Street, Ipswich, Suffolk IP4 2BE

Phone 01473 433554

Of note: Two Victorian dolls houses.


Ickworth, The Rotunda, Horringer, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP29 5QE

Phone 01284 735270

Of note: Two dolls houses, one ca 1880 Silber & Fleming type boxback and the other from 1907 plus contents. Not currently on display. (National Trust property)


Southwold Museum, 9 -11 Victoria Street, Southwold, Suffolk IP18 6HZ

Phone 01502 726097

Of note: Victorian dolls house (reported in 1990s, may be the house seen in Browse the Exhibits under Scale Models?) 



Ham House, Ham Street, Ham, Richmond, Surrey, TW10 7RS

Phone  0208 8940 1950

Of note: Model of the State Bedroom, created 1975. Not currently on display. (National Trust Property)


Museum of Farnham, Wilmer House, 38 West Street, Farnham, Surrey GU9 7DX

Phone 01252 715094

Of note: Manwaring Dolls House, ca 1790



Brighton Toy and Model Museum, 52-55 Trafalgar St, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 4E (beneath Brighton Railway Station)

Phone 01273 749494

Of note: Several dolls houses, dolls house furniture, antique French miniature schoolroom (check if on display)


The Grange Art Gallery & Museum, The Green, Rottingdean, Brighton, E. Sussex BN2 7HA

Phone 01273 301004

Of note: collection of toys and dolls, including a large dolls house 


Hove Museum & Art Gallery, 19 New Church Road, Hove, Sussex, BN3 4AB

Phone Brighton Museums 300 029 0900

Of note: Dolls House and Toys


Michelham Priory, Upper Dicker, Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 3QS

Phone 01323 844224

Of note: a large ca 1920s dolls house, may be in a Tudor Room.


Yesterday's World Museum of Social History, 89-90 High Street (Opposite Battle Abbey), Battle, East Sussex TN33 0AQ

Phone 01424 777 226

Of note: toys of the past, may include Victorian dolls house.




Petworth House and Park, Petworth, West Sussex, GU28 0AE

Phone 01798 342207

Of note: a large dolls house. (National Trust Property)


Standen House and Garden, West Hoathly Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 4NE

Phone 01342 323029

Of note: probably Christian Hacker dolls house, not currently on display.


Uppark House & Garden, South Harting, Petersfield, West Sussex, GU31 5QR

Phone 01730 825 415

Of note: Sarah Featherstonhaugh House (18th Century) (National Trust Property)


Worthing Museum and Art Gallery, Chapel Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 1HP

Phone 01903 221448

Of note: Dolls Houses, Dolls, Teddies.



Warwickshire Museum, St John's House Museum, St John's Court, Warwick CV34 4NF

Phone 01926 412 132 or 01926 412 500 (may reach the other location, Market Hall Museum)

Of note: the Social History - Dolls & Toys Collection includes several dolls houses. 



Longleat House, Longleat, Warminster, Wiltshire, BA12 7NW

Phone 01985 845420

Of note: Longleat Dolls’ House



Worcestershire County Museum, Hartlebury  Castle, Hartlebury Nr Kidderminster, Worcestershire, DY11 7XZ

Phone  01299 250416

Of note: Christian Hacker Fort



Abbey House Museum,  Abbey Walk, Kirkstall, Leeds, LS5 3EH

Phone  0113 230 5492

Of note: Victorian Street with toys.


Dewsbury Museum,
Crow Nest Park,
WF13 2SG - See more at:

Dewsbury Museum, Crow Nest Park, Hecmondwike Road, Dewsbury WF13 2SA

Phone 01924 324766

Of note: Toy gallery, probably including dolls houses reported in late 1990s.

01924 324766



Grassington Folk Museum, 6 The Square, Grassington, Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 5AQ.

Phone 01756 753287 (Chairman of the Museum Society)

Of note: Dolls house with contents described as 18th - 20th century.



Ilkley Toy Museum, Whitton Croft Road, Ilkley,  West Yorkshire, LS29 9HR

Phone 01943 603855


Newby Hall and Gardens, Newby Hall, Ripon, North Yorkshire,  HG4 5AE

Phone 0845 4504068

Of note: 70 dolls houses from the Hamilton & Fiddick Collection


Nostell Priory & Parkland, Doncaster Road, Nostell,  Near Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF4 1QE

Phone 01924 863892

Of note: House reputed to be by Chippendale (National Trust Property)


Nunnington Hall, Near York, North Yorkshire, YO62 5UY

Phone 01439 748283

Of note: Carlisle Collection of Miniature Rooms (National Trust property)


York Castle Museum, Eye of York, York,  YO1 9RY

Phone 01904 687687

Of note: Heslington Dolls’ House, Toys, Dolls




Springhill, 20 Springhill Road, Moneymore,   Magherafelt, County Londonderry, BT45 7NQ

Phone 028 8674 8210

Of note: Dolls House (National Trust Property)



Little Treasures, The Grampian Toy Museum and Shop, Petersfield, Kemnay, Aberdeenshire, AB51 5PR

Phone 01467 642332 or 01467 641696 

Of note: hundreds of dolls houses



Glamis Castle, Angus, DD8 1RJ

Phone 01307 840393

Of note: the childhood dolls house of the late Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother  (née Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon). (Interior appears redecorated.)



Thirlestane Castle, Lauder, Berwickshire TD2 6RU

Phone: 01578 722430

Of note: Dolls houses in the nursery wing.



Museum of Childhood, 42 High Street, Royal Mile, Edinburgh, EH1 1TG

Phone  0131 529 4142

Of note: Stockbroker House



Highland Museum of Childhood, The Old Station, Strathpeffer, IV14 9DH

Phone 01997 421031

Of note: changing display of dolls house furniture.



West Wales Museum of Childhood, Pen-ffynnon, Llangeler, Carmarthenshire, SA44 5EY

Phone: 01559 370428

Of note: Lines, Triang, Amersham, Handicrafts and other dolls houses.



Erddig, near Wrexham, LL13 0YT

Phone: 01978 355314

Of note: Dolls house in an 18th century cabinet in the nursery. (National Trust property)



Penrhyn Castle,  Bangor, Gwynedd, LL57 4HN

Phone 01248 353084

Of note: Dolls House in the Nursery (National Trust Property)



Dolls House and Toy Museum, Ty Twt, Newport, Pembrokeshire, SA42 0PH

Phone: 01239 820 590

Of note:  A private collection, with dolls houses from 1840 to now, including some in the owners' family for 80-100 years.

United States of America



The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures, 4455 E. Camp Lowell Dr., Tucson, AZ, 85712

Phone: 520 881 0606

Of note: dolls houses and shops of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, as well as miniatures representing life around the world and fantasy themes.



Museum of Science and Industry, 5700 South Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60637

Phone: 773 684 1414

Of note: Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle


Art Institute of Chicago, 111 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60603

Phone: +1 312-443-3600

Of note: Thorne Miniature Rooms



Museum of Miniature Houses, 111 East Main Street, Carmel, Indiana 46032
Phone: 317-575-9466

Of note: over 600 miniatures including room boxes, houses and individual items



The Great American Dollhouse Museum,  344 Swope Drive, Danville, KY  40422 

Phone: (859) 236-1883



Peabody Essex Museum, East India Square, 161 Essex Street, Salem, MA 01970 3783

Phone 978 745 9500 / 866 745 1876

Of note: Warren House (please confirm), Toys



Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis, 4746 Gravois Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63116
Phone: (314) 832-7790



The Museum of the City of New York, 1220 5th Ave ( at 103rd Street) New York, NY 10029

Phone +1 212 534 1672

Of note: Ann Anthony’s Pavilion, Stettheimer House and others of note.


The Strong National Museum of Play (known as “The Strong”)

1 Manhattan Square, Rochester, NY 14607

Phone 585 263 27000

Of note: Holds 250 Dolls Houses, 200 Miniature room settings. (No guarantee that they will all be on display all the time.) Bliss collection.



The Rutherford B Hayes Presidential Centre, Spiegel Grove, Fremont, OH 43420 2796

Phone 419 332 2081

Of note: Hayes House, Toys



Chester County Historical Society, The History Centre, 225 N High Street,

West Chester, PA 19380 2658

Phone 610 692 4800

Of note: Dolls House, Toys, Dolls



Shelburne Museum, 6000 Shelburne Road, Shelburne VT 05482

Phone  802 985 3346

Of note: Ramshackle Inn, Dolls, Automata


The Dollhouse and Toy Museum of Vermont, 212 Union Street, Bennington, Vermont

Of note: Fully furnished and decorated recent collectors' dolls houses.



Smithsonian Institute,  The Museum of American History, 14th Street and Constitution Ave, NW Washington DC 20001

Phone (202) 633 1000

Of note: Roth House, 19th C Toys.


Milwaukee Public Museum, 800 West Wells Street, Milwaukee, WI 53233 1478

Phone  Visitos Service 414 278 2751

Of note: Vogel House (please check) Milwaukee Handicraft Project, Models of Native American Houses.