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Got a mystery house of your own?

Hoping someone can help identify it?


Send photos (preferably max 500kb) and details to me and I'll add them to the page and start a forum discussion....

Alexandra Lodge, Jan's New House

Jan recently bought this house at auction. It was described as a Triang Stockbroker.



The house has some Triang features but other parts don't look like Triang, so she was doubtful about its origin.







Two balconies, front and side ...


and a garage



The light switches on the back - DOWN is faintly visible under the one on the left.


The inside of the hinged front sections.



Photos of the interior, showing the light fittings and papers.





Jan has Briwaxed the wood, and removed sellotape that had been wrapped around the house during transport. She would like help identifying this house - please leave your comments and suggestions in the discussion forums.

Added 4/10/13

Deaun's Masonite Doll House

Deaun writes:

Dear friends,
Thank you for your publication, one many of us enjoy and learn from.  I collect and restore primarily Keystone Toys of Boston and American made dollhouses from the ‘30s and ‘40s, with a few newer ones that are interesting to me; several times I have made restorative touches based on what I have found in your “pages”.
Recently, I purchased a house whose maker is unknown to me.  While several dollhouse friends have offered suggestions about age and it appears to be the same construction type as the ‘30s—‘40s houses I collect, no one seems to recognize the maker either.  I feel I’ve seen the roof design before, it’s just hiding in the corner of my memory where I can’t pull it from.  Any help greatly appreciated!

1.  The flowers in the one window box are cardboard.
2.  The shutter designs include a small heart.
3.   The front two windows (main structure) slide up and down using cardboard channels inside the house.  Each window has a small opening for a fingertip to lift the window.
4.  The door surround is NOT original to this house, as the door step doesn’t fit and the paint color is off. It appears to have come from a Rich Toys house.  I have included a picture as it is easier to see the litho flowers—someone might know them!


5.  The masonite is thicker than the 1/8” usually found in 1940s houses.  The material is very soft/flexible/smooshy feeling; layers are easily seen.


6.  The interior is plain masonite, without any built-ins or fireplaces, although there are holes for lighting and cords to be run through.  The doors were held in with ribbon or fabric tape—this is a Rich Toys feature.




7.  The exterior chimneys are nailed in, not screwed.




8.  The  summer kitchen (?) and sun porch have very fine mesh wire in the windows
9.  She is 45 1/2” long, 18“ tall, and (usable interior space listed) 6” deep in both extensions—10” deep upstairs in the eaves, 12” deep in the window alcove—12” deep downstairs.

Thank you in advance for any ideas from yourselves and your readers; it is greatly appreciated!



If you can help Deaun identify her house, please comment in the forums.

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Wendy C's 1/16th Scale 3 Storey Dolls House

Wendy C says,

Does anyone know anything about this house I recently bought? I’ve been looking for ages for a compact 16th scale house in which to amalgamate some of the furniture from the many little Triang houses which have sprouted all over my home, just to get some space back for the books on the bookshelf!


It has 9 rooms and is measures 30” tall, 23” wide and 11” deep,and has 6 little wooden fireplaces.  I bought it thinking that it was a home built one, but I’ve found the remnants of a label on the back – I thought I’d find out what it was before I started to do anything too drastic to it.

If you can identify this house, or have any ideas, please comment in the forums.

ID: The label is from The Dolls House Shop, and was used between mid1975 and mid 1979. The Dolls House Shop was run by Michal Morse, and had shops in London and in Suffolk. The dolls house itself is not yet identified.

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Theresa's 2 Storey House with Dormer Window


Theresa (profilename misteri) says,

I would like to find out more about this dolls house so that I can sell it.  
It is made of solid wood (like floorboards?) except that the base was 
replaced with plywood I think.  It has been redecorated inside in the 
It measures 17" deep, 27" wide and 37" tall.

Any clues to possible age and selling price from members would
be much appreciated.
If you have ideas for Theresa, please comment in the forums.
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A House like Caroline's?


 Member BobPenny saw similarities between the house she bought in an antiques bazaar in Melbourne, Australia, and Caroline's childhood home, below. What do you think? Do you recognise this dolls house, or Caroline's?





When bought, the dolls house was painted Barbie pink and green. You can see more photos of the house as the paint is removed in BobPenny's photo album, Is this a Hobbies House? If you can help identify this house, please comment in the forums or in BobPenny's photo album.


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Tinamarie's Charity Shop Buy!

Charity shops are proving a good source of old dolls houses at the moment! Tinamarie bought this house for £5 recently, and would like to know more about it before she restores it.

This is the front facade (above), and below are the rooms at the front of the house:


The back also opens to reveal four more rooms:


 If you recognise the maker or designer of this dolls house, please comment in the forums.

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Jessica's Charity Shop Buy

Jessica says,

I wonder if this house could be identified. I bought it last week, complete with furniture, for £15 from a charity shop.

The furniture is a mixture of Lundby and Barton but I cannot find a makers mark on the house. It is very solidly built.

 It looks like all the floors and walls are in original condition.
The whole roof lifts of and the electrics are all in the roof- partially working. 
I did see one up for sale on Ebay once but it was unidentified there too!

Any help with a date and maker would be gratefully received. Thankyou!
If you can help identify this house, please comment in the forums. 
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Electrified house with Shackman furnishings

Brian and Kitty recently moved house, and found a dolls house in the attic. They would like help identifying it. A member has recognised it as one listed in the American company Shackman's catalogue from 1976, but as Shackman sourced items from many countries, we still don't know the maker!



 It stands 42" tall from floor to top and is 39" long.



Many of the original boxes for the furniture are still with it, making the furniture easy to identify. Perhaps the house dates from the same period - 1970s - 80s? Do you recognise it? Would it have been shop-bought or made from plans or a kit? If you have information or suggestions, please comment in the forums.


ID: The dolls house was also sold by Shackman, and is in a ca 1976 catalogue.

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Caroline's childhood house



Caroline says:

I  picked up my old doll’s house from my parent’s house last weekend as they were having a clear out. It was given to me for my 5th birthday in 1971. My father bought it from an antiques shop in Bridlington. I would like to give it some tlc and do some restoration work. I think it may be a Hobby’s handmade kit house. I haven’t found anything similar on the internet as it’s unusual in having a rear extension with bathroom! The hinges have been unscrewed as I didn’t use this when I was young. I would be very interested to know any information or thought that members may have. I appreciate that it is a fairly basic house but it’s special to me!



 My father wallpapered the four main rooms in the early 70s and stuck white flooring down before he gave it to me. The wallpaper is special to me because it is the same as the house I lived until I was 6 (also double bay fronted!). I don’t think there is any paper underneath.




 I think the tile paper in the bathroom and the back  hallway room below is original as is the parquet effect paper on the floor. The wooden fixed bath was originally green and later painted black and white.


 I removed the stuck in lino from the house last night. As you can see from the photos the base is made from an old tea chest! The work of an amateur carpenter and not very desirable in a dolls house I gather from reading Jean Nisbett’s ‘The Complete Dolls’ House Book’!



Do you recognise Caroline's house? It looks to me as if it could date to the 1930s, but I don't think I have seen an external, removable bathroom like this before. Was it made to a plan, or is it perhaps the original design of the builder?

Suggestions and comments please in the forums!

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A Triang 61?


Christine Marshall recently bought this house at auction. She asks:

I am assuming this house is a Triang 61 with the wrong windows but, when I pulled off the horrible faded roof paper, I found it had the standard impressed cardboard roof but grey not red and it has only two supports under the overhang window not three. Has obviously been overpainted at some stage and the paint is flaking a bit on one side so might pull off - would it have had painted flowers on the front?

Also on the back of the roof is evidence of a circular sticker/ label which had been nailed on - what would that have been? Has rudimentary wiring to two pea bulb fittings upstairs and down, with push switches just inside. Is this original?


 Please share your thoughts in the forums ....

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Ideas for Trevor

Trevor of Dolls House Restoration would like some help identifying the most recent house he has for restoration. Any ideas about who made it, when, or what it would have looked like originally?



 I will open a discussion in the forums for your comments. Trevor also added this photo to his own photo album, so you can comment there too.

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An English Dolls House in New Zealand

I've just got back into miniatures after many years away from it and this time I would like to be a 'collector' of vintage dolls house items as well as a maker of miniatures. I was thrilled to come across your website. The photos show an old house I have just purchased (my first). I purchased it solely because I liked the look of it and wanted to be its next caretaker.
It is quite simply built and my assumption was it had been made by a  
loving dad or granddad for a child. I started stripping the wallpapers and 
then came across a picture of an old G & J Lines Brothers house in a 
magazine which had many similarities to my house. All I know about the 
house is that it was purchased at an auction in England by the seller 
about 10 years ago.
The back and sides of the house have a brick paper over them. 
 There is a very large simple fire place in each of the large rooms and it is 
on a large base. There is a sign saying "The Laurels" on one side and 
"1895" on the other side. The dormer windows on the top are false and 
there is no access to the top of the house, apart from a little round window
on the top right.
On the top left there is a red metal flag. On pulling up some carpet in the
small middle rooms of the house I found some black and white tile papers.
If anyone could shed any light on this house I would really appreciate it. If
it is specific to a certain period I would like to try and do some research
and decorate and furnish it as it should be.

With thanks
12Create (membership name)
Of New Zealand
Please comment in the forums if you can help 12Create. 
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Jackie's Childhood House



Can anyone identify this house which was given to me approx. 1953, it was second hand at the time, which makes me think it may be around 70 years old.

The house measures approx. 24" high by 25" wide and the door is just over 5" high. 


I have identified the cooker as made by Taylor & Barrett.



You can also see remains of original brick paper on the photograph taken of the door.

Any information would be appreciated.

Jacqueline Stephen 


Please comment in the forums if you can help Jackie.

ID: This is made to Handicrafts design no W364, ca 1935.

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Lynn's first house


Hi. I am also new the the dolls house, been thinking about getting one for a few years and managed to get one at auction a week ago.


I have been told it's edwardian but as I think it has been made by a loving father or grandfather I'm not sure as you can see from the before photos

it seems to have been papered in the 60's or 70's, but after carefull stripping(Iknow it does not look like it) I have tried to keep as much as the original paper as possible it looks to me like morris paper.

I intend to bring it back to how it would have looked. Does anyone have any idea's on how I would start to make furniture for it? all help would be gratefully appreciated

I live in Scotland and from my window I can more or less see the same house, it's just the interior that needs so much work the outside is simple for me to do



(Discussion on The Forums)


ID: A Lines' DH3, circa 1920.


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A pink puzzle

"I recently purchased a medium sized wooden lithographed house here in The States. The house is in very good condition. Someone put some paper up on the 2nd and 3rd floors (left hand side - facing rear), but the original paper is under and intact.

I cannot find any manufacturer markings on it. Have searched high and low through photos on line. The person I bought it from, who appears to be around 30 y.o. told me it used to be her aunts (not that that info means much).

Can anyone help me identify this house? Is it special and worth something, or just some ordinary old house??"


Thank you.

 Marjie Oetinger


(Discussion on the Forums)


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Michael's mystery

"The house was made in around 1897 for my partner's great grand mother. Apparently it was lent to a young girl in the late war years in Hull, England and was returned with the furniture broken and damage to the house.

It was 'made over' in 1951 for my partner's Mother and includes 50's period furniture from Hammonds in Hull. I am hoping to strip of the poorly applied 50's paint as its clear that underneath the detail is dark wood.

Its a one off house made by a local carpenter but any infomation on late victorian houses, scale, how to get gloss paint off without damaging the varnish etc would be hugely welcome"



(Discussion on The Forums)


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Jane's Dad's house...

I am attaching a picture of my father's dolls house in case anyone can tell me more about it.

In front of the house is some of the furniture that I think he had with it.


My father was born in 1924 and his sister in 1929 (in London). So I think it might date from the 1930s though it could have been second hand or home-made.


The house is yellow-ish - my grandfather was very fond of shellac.


I am interested in what you and the other members of the forum think.


Best wishes,



(Discussion on The Forums)

ID: this house was identified as made by the firm of D.H. Wagner of Grünhainichen in Germany. It appears on page 209 of Swantje Köhler's "Lexikon" of dolls' houses made in Germany, and is described as of the type made by  in 1936. Wagner dolls houses were imported by the London toy agent Fred Allen.



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Diane's Triang

Diane writes:

"Please can you help me identify the type and age of my house?

I have had it since I was 8 and my parents bought it from a local auction room for a few £

I now have a daughter of my own who loves the house and we have just got it as It has been in my parents loft for 25 years and I do not know much about it.

Any help would be very gratefully received.




Diane Melia"


(Discussion on The Forums)


ID: This is a Tri-ang No 62, probably from the 1930s.

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Can you help Bekah?

I've just registered at Dolls Houses Past & Present. I'm 21 and I have just been given my childhood dolls house, as my dad and my grandmother both got fed up with storing it at their houses!

I always loved it and it's strange having it back now, it's still got all the furniture left in it exactly how they were the last time I played with it. The furniture is mostly plastic kids play furniture which doesn't really 'fit' with the house and almost certainly didn't come with the house.

My parents can't remember where I got the house from or who gave it to me, and neither can I. I only know that my dad put the carpet in - it's carpet from a 'real' house so it is far too big for the size of the house!

I would really like to restore it a little - possibly repaint the outside a more pleasant colour, put dolls house flooring/carpet inside as well as lighting and eventually 'proper' dolls house furniture.

However I've never had this as a hobby before and I will need some help to figure out where to get started. First off I would really like to know if anyone could identify the house or whether it was handmade by someone as a one-off. If it helps, I was given it in the 1990s when I was a kid.  Also I know nothing about scales. From what I gather, 1:12 is the most common one so I assume that's what mine is too. 

I really hope someone can help me and sorry for the long email! I will hopefully participate on the forums but first I would like to figure out a bit more about the house!


Here are some pictures.


Kind Regards,




(Discussion on The Forums)


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Ruth's childhood dolls house

I have just been re-united with my childhood dolls house which I am hoping to restore.

Have been looking online & I think it could be a  Romside house, not sure of much more ie. Year, name of house, any more information would be great.

Have attached photos as it stood when I got it back.

Should I repair it/paint it or leave it as it is?

(Discussion on The Forums)

Many thanks

Ruth Taylor


ID: A Tudor Toys / GeeBee dolls house ca 1950

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Violet's auction find

Got this beauty at a local auction on Sat for the princely sum of £23,15...... bargain or what!!!!  'Twas love at first sight.

They had it in the catalogue as a 1930's Triang but I had my doubts right from the start and after a search amongst Marion's books have failed to identify it.

The nearest description is a Hobbies house Ive seen, but I understand Hobbies have only been going for 40 yrs & the wallpaper looks older than that to me.

 The windows frames have certainly been replaced, as has the base.  One side panel has 2 layers of brick paper on the bottom part.  The black panels appear to be a thin cardboard.  There is no sign of it ever having a lighting system. 

1/16th scale. I've given it a good clean, taken out the broken plastic windows & fablon floor covering.  The front does not open at all.  I cant seen any indications that there was ever a back to it, makes me think of a childs play house. 


I have such a lot of 1/16th furniture that needs displaying & this house is ideal.  Just needs a little tlc.  Would love to know if any of our members have come across one like this.


Many thanks.  Violet

(Discussion on The Forums)


ID: a Hobbies No 237 Special, ca 1950s


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Helping Hepzibeth

The story of this house is that I wandered into an estate sale, and this was sitting in the corner of the garage, covered with dust. The owner of it had passed away and had purchased it in England, as an  antique in the '70's, and had paid further many dollars to have it shipped over here (to California).

The heirs were asking $250 for it originally, but at the point I came along they were so frazzled and worn out, and just wanted to be done, so they accepted the substantially reduced amount of all the dollars in my pocket.

The exterior is stucco, which I have washed, and it's a lot less dingy. Each side (front and back) has 2 doors that swing open. Most of the windows are cut plastic and are glued over the framework and a strip of white paint around the edge created the illusion of window framing.The caps of the windows have painted metal sheathing - something it took me years to discover - I assumed it was wood until I was scratching at it to see if there was another paint color under the black and saw shiny silver metal peeking through! Those little knobs on the roof are switches, because this house was electrified at one time. Inside there were some terminals with old scraps of wires attached - the kind with cloth covering. You can't see it very clearly, but the square to the left of the the doorway is smooth, not stuccoed like the rest. I think maybe there used to be a greenhouse or porch or something there, maybe a garage?

I have looked at lots of pictures online, and in a lot of library books, through library loans, and I have seen similar, but no replicas. I was thinking it was a one-off, but the windows and door looks a lot like Triang, and I would think the metal caps would be unusual for an at-home job... What do you think?

Hepzibeth Clare 

(Discussion on the forums)


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Pedro's House in Portugal

So, somebody told me you could help me identify an old doll house.

The only thing i know of the house is that is probably at least 30/ 40 years old, and probably was bought in Germany. Is size is 51x 84x 81 cm.


If you could help identify it by type, age, market value, would be great.

Thanks, waiting for your answer.

Pedro Correia

(Discussion on the forums)


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Julie's market find

I am the proud owner of a large  Honeychurch  which I have been restoring but I can't resist another  bargain and I hope you can help me identify this little house which I found in a secondhand market at the weekend.

The windows and doors look like a Conwy Valley house, but it doesn't have all the textured roof and window trims.

It has a worn off sticker on the base board which I can't read.  It is wired for 2 very old pea bulb lights with little metal toggle switches in the upstairs ceiling but I can't get into the roof which is where the lighting pack seems to be, because its been nailed down, so assume it doesn't/won't work.  

It came with the funny little collection of furniture  shown in it, and for now I am leaving it alone, until I can find out a bit more about it.  I haven't even worked out the scale yet, but I think its 1/16th.
If you have any ideas what it might be, and any advice on renovation or even to just leave well alone, I'd appreciate your thoughts.  

Best regards Julie Miller

(Discussion on the Forums


ID: A Tudor Toys / Gee Bee DH/10, ca 1970

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Karen's house

I have bought an old dolls house from ebay & I will be restoring it. I would like to ask the members if they can give me any info. on the house as to identifiying the make & what scale it is?

I would like to know who made the house and how old it is. It looks as if it may have been originally painted and not papered inside.

I would also like to know the scale, the rooms are 6 1/2" high on the bottom floor and 5 3/4" on the top floor, the doors are 4 1/2" high and 2 1/2" wide...

I have already stripped the layers of paint & had to remove the lower floor due to wood worm as it was crumbling away. I have photos of the house berfore I started working on it...


(contact Karen or comment on the forum)


ID: A Hobbies No 93 Special, ca 1920s

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Family treasure

This painted steel doll house has been in my family since 1942, the year my parents gave it to my sister as a birthday present.

No maker's marks, but most of the plastic furniture is by "Ideal".

What is it?  Is it worth anything?


Sandy (Discussion on the Forums)


ID: A T. Cohn tin litho dolls house from 1948

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Early 50s house?

Hi, here are pictures of my small dolls house which I have been told 'might' be early 1950's.

The roof section seems to be younger than the main house and it does not open. The tiles on the roof are made of a thick card like material and the long tile that runs along the top of the roof is wood.


In one of the rooms is what was left of the original wallpaper. The wood over the front door, which is at the side, looks very old worn and dark and is held in place by small nails. The door inside the house is very think and has large hinges which are not to scale. I would very much like to restore the house as close to it's original age as possible but maybe it has more than one age! Any help you can give me on dates would be enormously appreciated.


Ellie (Discussion on The Forums)

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Can you date or identify?

This is a rough drawing of house Wendy found at recycling depot this week and bought for £2.50.


It is quite large and is missing the attic window and front door.  Wendy is hoping to restore it but there is woodworm in the base.  It looks rather 'American' .



Please contact Wendy if you have any clues (or leave a message on The Forums.)

ID: A G & J Lines No 37, ca 1915-late 1920s

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Can you help dollhousedreams?


Here's a dollhouse I just bought. It is 100 years old, they say...

But do you know something about its origin?





(Discussion, as always, on the forums...)

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Can you help Rick?

"I was wondering if anyone might have some information on this recent addition to my dollhouse collection.

It has a paper label on the base that reads "An O.D. Product, Made in Scotland". Has anyone  heard of this company and know of its history?


Also, on the back of the house, is a box to hold batteries for the lights.

The wiring is intact, and there are two, awkwardly placed, sockets inside. The sockets aren't threaded, so it appears a push-in type bulb was used. Any thoughts on what type of batteries & lightbulbs would have been used, and would I be able to find them today?

Thanks so much!



(Discussion, as always, on the forums...)

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Jackie's new house

Hi, can you help identify please, looks like its 1930’s – any ideas where I can get replacement bits from too? 


Thanks in advance, Jackie


Discussion, as always, on the forums...

ID: a 1930's Triang No 92

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Rose's mystery house

I recently received a dollhouse as a gift. After looking around a bit online I think it could possibly be a Gottschalk house.

The door handles and banister look identical.  On the bottom are two stamped words in German, I can't remember and the dollhouse is at my mom's.  Something like "gesetzlich".  Next to the stamped words are large hand written numbers, 3584.

Perhaps someone could steer me in the right direction as to what year it was made and by whom. There is a stamp on the bottom that says "gesetzlich" which I believe means patent protected in German. It also has the numbers 3580 hand written in pencil next to the German stamp.

Any information would be helpful. Thank you so much for your help. What a wonderful website!!


Discussion on the forums...

ID: A Gottschalk 3586, ca 1903

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Margaret's mystery house

Margaret writes:


"I have just bought an old dollshouse from an antique shop in the Blue Mountains (deceased estate) and would love to find out something about it. I may be able to find out the name of the estate owners, but the shop owner does  not have any history.

It appears to be quite old and is full of furniture. I have been told that it could be a Greenleaf, but it is quite a small scale, walls 7'' high and tiny doors, about 4" high. Overall size is about 20"x 21" and 15"high. It is single storey with high roof gables and has electrical wiring in the roof cavity with woven covering on the wiring, not plastic. The outside walls are covered in grey stucco with coining on the corners. The roof is wooden shingles. The construction is tab and slot ply and the condition is fair but covered in dust and cobwebs and some grime.  Some of the roof gables are missing and some of the furniture is broken.


All furniture is timber tab and slot - I am not sure of the scale, but closer to 1:12 than 1:16. Bath toilet and hand basin are ceramic, but the high cistern is timber, possibly home made. The double laundry tub is fixed and also home made.

I cannot examine it closely because it is at my sister's in Glenbrook and I am at Tamworth! I hope to pick it up soon.

If you could enlighten me to it age and manufacture, I would be enormously grateful. I have been ïnto miniatures for a few years now but this is my first old dollshouse purchase."

Can you help Margaret? Discussion on the forums...


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More information on Margaret's house...

The furniture is about 1:16 scale and is all of ply tab-and-slot construction. Because the dollshouse only has access via the lift off roof, it is hard to see and photograph the interior clearly. All walls have the original paint work (no wallpaper) with a painted gold band at picture rail level, cream above in all rooms, and rest of walls painted in pink, pale blue, light green or dark cream (each room different). Inside the house, the casement windows have a carefully painted frames in brown varnish. Though some paintwork is peeling, It is meticulously painted.

The ceramic bathroom pieces are all marked 'FOREIGN', so I have no idea where they have come from.

The full set of furniture has come with the house as evidenced by the tabs in the back of the kitchen pieces which fix into slots in the walls.

Also the green velvet curtains match the lounge covers which are original.

The dollshouse is carefully made, all with corresponding tabs and slots. I cannot imagine that someone has made it at home using this method as it requires careful saw-work, and surely gluing and nailing would have been simpler. There has been some warping of the plywood here and there, but the general condition is good.

Perhaps someone could date the house from the look or the furniture. The dollshouse will be on display at the Sydney Dollshouse and Miniatures Fair in May in the hope that someone else might know something about it.


Thanks so much, Margaret

(EDITED TO ADD: More photos can be found here)

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