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Laura - la muñequita de la casa de las montañas Laura - the little doll from the house in the mountains by Luijuas & Co of El Cuartin de Juguete



Behind this pompous title hides a pleasant little doll, her partner Toño and their "offspring" Toñin (so we have called them, but it also might be Toñina or Laurita, or Laurin, or Laurito?). They have a "house", that is to say a house, farm and shop, so we believe that this family is not doing that badly considering its properties. Laura is a great worker, gardener, farmer, cook, housekeeper, while Toño only works on the farm, the very smart guy. These are brand toys, and our understanding is that the manufacturer Toyse (of Alicante, in Spain) was the best of the time, not being surpassed by any other.





This is Laura in the Farming set. She is the clone of fourteen more Lauras (although Laura Laura and Bath Store are almost impossible to get) and they are the sister of Maria Laura Cleaning, which is the first we acquired.





We found a Spanish guitar with our old toys and taught Toño Toyse. We were surprised by his artistic talents and vocals. He told us that when Laura went to the supermarket and bought more than usual, he feared the worst, and composed a song in times of uncertainty. (We do not know how he plays the guitar so well, with arms so short, poor thing!)


This cardboard box adorned with beautiful screenprints was used to send to their sales destinations the blister packs in which Laura was sold with her belongings. The transport label is dated 1979.






The sales display box held the outfits supplied for Laura to wear during the four seasons.





This new Laura summer outfit has come from Cadiz accompanied by a thank you card and presentation, and finally we could dress her for summer. Toño look and say, WOW! These are very, very beautiful, Laura!






Autumn has arrived and with this new outfit Laura is prepared for the season that already touches us.





Earlier we counted the number of Lauras we know, and showed a total of fourteen, we have now discovered another blister pack. "Laura Toilet" brings the number to fifteen. Another blister pack which is hard to get is "Laura Bath" and we have acquired that along with that of WC. The two have a difference with the other sets in that underneath there is a picture on the cardboard (also there is a third set with these same characteristics "Laura store," equally difficult to find).
With these new additions, their furniture is complete (or so we think).






Gone is the cold winter .... 




...... and we are in the warm spring and Laura has changed clothes.  



Also one of her outfits has served to dress a new friend who has come from a far country to help on her farm, it is a Furga doll, a few inches smaller than her.  






Spring has passed and the hot summer has come and Laura’s costume changes. In both seasons there are different models of dress, different patterns and styles. They all look just as good.





And if we add these three new dresses, the total number of the 15 Laura dolls we thought now comes to 18. We do not believe there are more ...





Two types of advertising for Laura by Toyse "The little doll from the house in the mountains", published in the youth weekly Don Miki in 1978. They show ​​the usual compositions of photos and one with a different illustration of Laura and her house. The drawings are those that appear on their blister packs and also in a booklet which explained her daily chores. There were also other different illustrations on their packs, but these are less frequent.




These photos show the boxes for Laura’s housing, her house, her farm, her tent and some more for shipping and retail exposure. I show them especially as her homes are hard to find and so you can see the fine detail, although on some of the sides this is a little spoiled. Curiously one side shows the price still in pesetas, about 1,500, we assume that was expensive for the time (about the year 1977).  



















 Once we located on the map its secluded and hard-to find location, we could find after many hours of travelling "The people of the Lauras." One is in a privileged place where they live quietly in their "houses", work on their farms and are supplied with provisions in their magnificent and well-stocked store.





 The summer Lauras kindly show us around and introduce us to their neighbours and we browse inside their splendid and cosy abodes. The site exudes a great nostalgia...




Here you can see the interiors of their homes and buildings with all the details.












More details of the farm and its corresponding blister packs.






Here is Laura gardening and looking after little Toñin (or Toñina, or Laurita, Laurin, or Laurito):




Laura finds time for a picnic:



Here we end this article on the Lauras of Toyse, pending the time when we can show images of "Laura mama", "Laura bath", "Laura toilet" and "Laura shop".
As a curiosity I’ll show the two existing models of the nightgown from "Laura sleep", in which you can see that one of them is made ​​with the same fabric as one of the dresses for "Laura Summer". Also the absence of a nightcap, which is the same for both models, we have made ​​one from a spare autumn dress.






You can see more of Luijuas & Co's collections on their blog, .

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