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Cheat Food by Valerie Towers


Making minis for Dolls’ Houses changes your view of objects that normally you may class as unusable or rubbish.  I bought a job lot of beads on our favourite site and some of them looked useless for anything.  Two sizes of pink triangular beads and diamond shaped white ones fit only for the bin or putting back on Ebay to resell. 

I separated out the usable beads and put the triangular ones and the white diamond shapes to one side and went to find a bag to put them in to re-sell.  I couldn’t find a bag so they sat on the table for a while.  I started to fiddle with them and the pink ones arranged themselves into a “cake”.  Now I saw what they could be used for and here is the result!




I didn’t stop there and looked at other beads I could make cakes with.  Iced buns made from small circular slices of wood with a white card circle cut with a punch stuck on top and a red biro “ cherry” on top  . The same method uses a brown bead for a chocolate drop on the top.  The yellow cakes are ceramic beads with “sugared violets” (small glass beads) for decoration.


The round “plates” are buttons, the square “plates” from a necklace.

There are other materials that lend themselves to making cakes as well.  The next picture shows flower bead cakes.



The cup cakes  were actually a pair of earrings.



You can use the left over piece of a glue stick for food too and here I have used a pink one cut into slices with a red bead pushed into the top.  Leave the lid off the used glue stick for a couple of days to let it dry out a bit or it won’t cut very easily.

White glue stick looks like icing.  I cut it into slices and moulded the “icing” over a wood circle from a necklace.



The feast below, apart from the Edam cheese, the cream crackers, the chocolate sponge and the swiss roll, is all made from beads.



The banana beads I bought from Laurieleeplays, and the strawberry cream cakes and cream crackers were made by Joan.  The rest were assembled by me.

I have also used the wax from a Babybel cheese to make tomatoes and mini babybels.

A piece of yellow rubber can be used for cheese and a browny red rubber cuts nicely into slices of meat.  I am sure that there are lots more possibilities and you will find other materials to make food with.  If my dolls demand other food apart from cakes, I buy it from Joan, who is a master of culinary delight for the Dolls’ House.

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