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My Butcher’s shop by Kathryn Hartley


Walter Crump’s butchery shop was made by my father Arthur Hartley in the late 1950s to 60s. He always enjoyed woodwork, particularly smaller scale items, and I think it was probably after a visit to the Rotunda to see Vivien Greene’s collection, that he felt inspired to embark on a series of shops. The butchery is reminiscent of the old models illustrated in books on DH history.


Walter and his wares are all carved out of wood, painted and varnished and untouched since that date. The shop fittings and tools were assembled from metal oddments. Apart from a few small woodworm holes on the bench it is in good repair.



A fishmongers followed, then a bakery but neither was finished at the time of my father’s death in 1979. I subsequently completed both these shops, but lacking any wood skills had to resort to salt dough and other modelling materials, and some ready made items. Unfortunately my salt dough  proved hygroscopic and disintegrated, damaging the shop interior so some refurbishment is required. 



We had plans for a House of Fashion 1886 but sadly the shop sign was all that was achieved, so far.....