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Giveaway Competition for DHP&P Members


Our giveaway this month is these three little Caco dolls. Perhaps they have Run Away from a Collapsed Building, or Got Lost in the Forest, or their Father has Died .... whatever the case, they are looking for a new home. If you would like to give them a home, please enter the competition!


I thought we'd have a change from questions this time. Instead, here are six photos, which show details from photos in the articles in this issue. 


                       A                                                B


                       C                                                 D


                      E                                                F


For a chance to win,  just find which page each of these images appears on. Each one is a small part or detail from a photo in one of the articles. When you have found all of them, send me the page number for each one, for example:

Photo A is on Page ...

Photo B is on Page ...

Photo C is on Page ...

Photo D is on Page ...

Photo E is on Page ...

Photo F is on Page ...


I hope that's clear!

(One member has pointed out that there are no page numbers in the magazine. My apologies - I had not thought of that! The page number does appear in the navigation bar of the browser window - that is, the line at the top of your internet page where you can see the address (url) of the web page you are viewing. The web address of each page in the magazine ends with the page number, for example in this url p10 is page 10:


This competition is only open to registered members of this website, Dolls Houses Past and Present.

For your chance to win, please send your answers via the website "Contact Us " Section or by email to Rebecca at:

greenreb41 at hotmail dot com

(remove spaces and replace at with @ and dot with .)  

Entry is open to all members, new and old, whether you've won before or not!

All correct entries will be entered into the draws and winners will be picked at random.

Entries must be received by the closing date of  Sunday 15th July 2012.

Good luck!


Submission Guidelines 

We're always happy to receive submissions at any time for our quarterly ezine (currently published around the end of February, May, August and November each year).


Ideally, your submission will be in Word format, emailed to Rebecca at greenreb41 at hotmail dot com as an attachment. If you do not have access to Word we're also happy to receive your article in the body of your email.


If your submission includes photos the placement of the photos should be indicated within the submission like this:

This is an article about dolls houses or miniatures and here is a lovely photo to illustrate my point:

<Photo 1: Name of your photo>

Caption, if you're using one.

And then the article continues like this...

Photos should be no bigger than 500kb, if possible (most photo editing software has an option to compress photos), and sent as attachments, not embedded in your submission. Please ensure the names of your photos match the names you have provided in the body of your submission.