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How to Make a 1:12 Fireguard by Valerie Towers


You will need:   

an old wire bird feeder

Florists thin Wire

4 Thin Indian Metal Bracelets ( the thinner bracelets look better but the thicker ones are easier to stick )

Super Glue Gel or Araldite

A pair of Wire Cutters

a pair of small Pliers

a steel ruler 

a wooden block at least 2” long (I used my wooden ruler instead of a block)

Black Enamel Paint, or Black car spray Paint or Acrylic Paint


1)     Take both ends off of the bird feeder and carefully undo the long edge that is joined into a circle.  Mine was folded over, so I used pliers to pull it apart.  Lay wire netting flat.




2)   The Guard measures 2” high x 4 1/2” long x 1 3/4“ deep (a total length of 8" of netting)

      Or in “Centipedes” 5 cm x 11.5cm x 4.5cm (16cm total length)

3)   Measure 2” from the height of the netting and cut across with wire cutters.  Do this just above a knobbly row, as near to the knobbles as possible.  My feeder is tall enough to make two more fireguards the same size.




4)   My netting was a little wider than the required 8” across so I trimmed a bit off.

5)    Now you have a piece of netting 8” X 2”

6)   Mark 1:3/4 “in from each side with a marker pen.

7)   Lay the netting on a wooden ruler or block with the mark at the edge of the block and bend the netting over the block at the mark.  Repeat for second side.




8)   Cut three bracelets at one point of each and straighten them out.

9)   Check they measure 8” each and repeat step 7 with each bracelet.


9)   Begin by gluing a bracelet in the middle of the guard starting at one side edge, you may have to adjust it a bit as you go.

I wrapped Florist’s wire around the ends and on the bend at this stage as it wasn’t sticking quickly enough for me but you may have more patience than I do.



10)   Repeat for top and bottom with the other two bracelets

11)   Cut the remaining bracelet into two halves and stick or wire one piece to each side of the guard to reinforce the netting.   Paint with your chosen medium.


A fireguard left the original silver, and a fireguard painted black.