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Curtains for a Gottschalk by Barbara King

1) The windows in the bedroom need some curtains!

Before I started, I studied lots of photos of old Gottschalk houses that still had their original curtains, and hope that mine look something like them.

2) I made the curtains from some old silk cushion covers bought at auction, they are nice and soft with a few marks and catches, perfect for a worn look.

I measured the length and width needed, then cut out four rectangles of cloth, two silk and two lining. Always remember to add any lace or trim to the right side of the fabric before sewing.

For the pelmet I used a piece of 1/12 scale floorboard just a bit longer than the window width and stained it to make it darker.



3) This shows the stitched-on lace and one of the curtains stitched and waiting to be turned right side out.

The lace is sewn to the "right side" of the silk in the photo. The lining (shown underneath the curtain fabric, above) would be placed on top of the side with the lace on and then sewn, then when turned out the lace is correct. If you look at the other curtain, below, the lining is on top and has been sewn to the curtain -  you can just see the lace poking out at the unsewn end.


4) Both curtains are now right side out and have been ironed.



5) The tops of the curtains are gathered ready to attach to the pelmet.


6) The gathered curtain tops are glued to the wrong side of the pelmet.

7) The bottoms of the finished curtains have been gathered up and tied with a piece of ribbon.

8) I fixed the pelmet to the wall with two drawing pins. The original curtains in the house would have been glued to the wall by the pelmet; as these are additions I didn’t want to do that, and I felt the pins would do least damage to the walls.

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