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Displaying Miniatures, by Joan Joyce


I love using my miniatures ornamentally throughout my home, much more interesting than ornaments and always a talking point.


I have a collection of old clock faces on the wall of my downstairs loo so it seemed only natural to collect tiny clocks for this printer's drawer.


Another printers drawer, with an assortment of miniatures:

I occasionally do swaps on here when I want an item for a dolls house. It is also a good place for delightful mini items that are a bit too big for a house.



This 1950s French furniture set with a tray of glasses are on a table in my living room and I doubt they will ever go in a house because I love them where they are!



I bought the old sewing machine for my Edwardian house but when it arrived it was way too big (the perils of ebay!). It is perfect under the glass dome on my dresser.



My living room window ledge is home to this lovely dresser and table with crockery rescued from my Indian house when I sold it.