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Sunray Series - British Made - SMS, Queries by Marion Osborne


Photo © Isobel Hockey

Back in the 1980s Faith Eaton and Issy Hockey both sent me details of an item in their collection marked 'Sunray Series'.  Faith had a white painted bed and Issy Hockey the rocking cot shown here.  Both are marked 'Sunray Series' and 'British Made'. 


 Base of the rocking cot, marked 'SUNRAY SERIES BRITISH MADE'. Photo © Isobel Hockey


Faith Eaton's tracing of a white wooden bed marked 'SUNRAY SERIES BRITISH MADE'


 Claire Quick enquired on this site about another Sunray Series bed, very similar in design to Faith Eaton's, but stained rather than painted:


Stained wooden Sunray Series bed, photos © Claire Quick



Much later I bought a coalscuttle which is also marked 'Sunray Series, British Made'.


It came with two other items which are not marked in any way.



Another bed popped up on ebay as this article was being put together. It has similar wavy-topped sides to Faith Eaton's bed, but a quite different head and foot:



Like the other known Sunray Series pieces, this bed is stamped on the base in purple ink.


Recently, I bought an unusual grandfather clock, and noticed that the clock face, though very faded, has 'SMS' printed on it. 



Soon after that I bought a mantle clock also with 'SMS' on the face and 'British Made' stamped on the base.



A friend has a round red clock identically marked 'SMS' and 'British Made'.



My dark-stained mantel clock came with a deck chair and an ironing board both stamped 'British Made'. 






Another friend has sent me photos of a card table stamped 'British Made'.


 Photos of card table © Barbara King


On these items, the 'British Made' stamp is in black ink.


So the questions are:

When were these items made? 1930s possibly?

Is there any link between Sunray Series and SMS?  After all, the words Sunray Series do begin with the letter S. 

Are the items stamped only 'British Made' by the same maker as the 'Sunray Series' items, or the SMS items, or by another maker altogether?


Also, do other readers have any items to add to the collection? If they do, could they send their photos in to the magazine please, so that we can keep records of the items made.  Who knows, someone might have a piece that comes complete with the history!  Well, we can all dream.


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