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How to Age a Chair by Joan Joyce

 I found these unfinished chairs on ebay.



Collect your materials together.


I painted the chairs "off black" then highlighted with gold acrylic paint as shown.



I used old fabrics and cut in half some old braid that was too wide. Using old fabrics will make your project look more authentic. Root in charity  and junk shops or car boot sales for old cushion covers, clothes etc that can be cut up and recycled.

Cut a thin piece of foam to the size of the chair seat,then cut out your fabric slightly larger than the pad and then glue the foam pad in place.



The Aileene's super thick tacky glue is the best one I have found for this type of job.

I used a cocktail stick to dab the glue round the underside edge of the seat fabric. I pressed the fabric in place over the chair seat and held it in place for a few moments.



 Next I glued the braid round the seat.


I varnished over the chairs with a thin coat of quick dry satin finish walnut  stain. I left this job till last in case I accidentally damaged the paint finish while covering the chairs.




The finished chairs in situ in Gravel Lane House.




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