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Making Beaded Dolls House Lamps by Joan Joyce

I have pictured making 4 different lights. I will start with the easiest one.


 A bought jewellery finding, an earring part and various other finds plus a pea bulb with holder and wire.

Thread the various parts on to the wire as shown.


Thread the wire through a pre-drilled hole in the ceiling and connect to the dolls house wiring system.

None of this is glued so replacement is easy!

This light was in my Indian House.


Lampshade No. 2

A collection of car boot sale and charity shop finds.

Collect the parts you intend to use together.


Threading the beads ...



Attaching to the smaller brass curtain ring.


They tended to bunch together so I glued the threads in place and left it to dry.

You could do all this with fine wire which might be easier, but I didn't think of it at the time!


I took the larger brass ring and glued the necklace part in place and put it on one side to dry.


I used the wire to attach the smaller ring inside the larger one and to attach the chains. There is no easy way to do this, it is a real fiddle but the end result is worth the effort.



I attached the light to the ceiling with a tiny screw eye, through which I threaded the bulb on a wire.

The light is photographed in the dining room of Gravel Lane House.


Lampshade No. 3


This one is much easier to make than the previous one.


Collect together your choice of beads, wire, cutters, small long nosed pliers. You will also need a circular jewellery finding and a rivet or bead or similar glued on the top.



Thread the beads on to the wire, making a tiny loop at the bottom to hold the first bead, and bend a hook shape at the top. Make all your bead wires the same length. Next, hook them on to the tiny holes in the edge of the jewellery finding and squash them together slightly to prevent them falling off.


Thread the shade on to the bulb and wire and install.

The light in the bedroom of Gravel Lane House.


Another light made by the same method; the possibilities are endless!!!




I tried this taking the top part off and threading all the beads on to the wire but I broke the wires and as chandeliers are quite pricey I left the top on this one. It doesn't look as good but at least it works!

Here goes!!!

 The original 3 arm chandelier.



I stuck a metal bead with a large hole on to the bottom, took off the chain and ceiling fitting and coloured it all in with a gold pen as it was too bright and shiny.



Next I threaded my choice of beads on to the wire, interspersed with small jewellery findings. I then attached the chain using small jump rings and attached them to the top jewellery finding. I threaded tiny beads on to fine wire and attached it to the arms of the chandelier as shown in the picture.



I am sorry there aren't more photos but I was making it up as I went along and got so carried away that I forgot!

  Installed in the living room of Gravel Lane House.


I had great fun making these lights. All the ones I was watching on ebay were well out of my price range so I found pictures of antique lights and used them as inspiration. So go on girls, have a go and share your creations with the rest of us!!!!

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