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From the Editor


With this issue, we reach two significant milestones: three full years of the Dolls Houses Past and Present magazine, and 500 website members! To celebrate, there are two prizes in the giveaway for members - you can nominate which you would like to enter for, and there will be two lucky winners.

Many thanks to all who have contributed articles, photos and information for this issue. We have articles showcasing dolls from France and Germany from opposite ends of the 20th century, dolls houses from the US and the UK, commercial cardboard furniture and handmade upholstered furniture. Several contributors reflect on why they collect what they do. Marion Osborne has some questions about dolls house furniture by some little known dolls house makers, and I present dolls house designs published in the 1920s and 1930s by the home woodworking supplies company Handicrafts. I hope some of you may have information to share about the unknown makers, or may recognise some of your dolls houses in the published plans.

As well as the two DIY articles contributed by Joan, the articles on the French and German dolls have an added bonus - patterns or printies for furnishings and accessories.

So I hope you'll find some enjoyable reading and stimulating ideas - have fun!




Page 2            Bleuette - The famous little "Blueberry" of France by

                       Susan Hale

Page 3            Antique Travel Dollhouse by Tracy Harnish

Page 4            Westacre Village Furniture - Sofas and Chairs by

                        Barbara King

Page 5            Handicrafts Dolls House Designs by Rebecca Green

Page 6            Fairy Princess Doll Furniture by Florine Bettge

Page 7            Sunray Series - British Made - SMS, Queries by Marion


Page 8            Hückel Posable dolls for dolls houses by

                        diepuppenstubensammlerin and Rebecca Green

Page 9            A Depression Era Dollhouse by Judy Spadoni, Pixie

                        Packet Miniatures

Page 10            An Art Deco house, made and furnished by Artisans

                         by Jazz

Page 11            Kim Selwood - Miniature Furniture Maker

Page 12            Making Beaded Dolls House Lamps by Joan Joyce

Page 13            How to Age a Chair by Joan Joyce

Page 14            Thoughts on Collecting by Rosemary

Page 15            Giveaway Competition for Members

                          Submission Guidelines



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