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Wanted: Danny Shotton chisels

Janet says:

I'm desperately looking for items made by artisan Danny Shotton, especially a set of '4 chisels in a box'. I ordered the last one of these from Swan House miniatures but it got lost in the post so I never received it. I would be really grateful if someone could help me. Thank you.

Please email Janet if you can help.

Added 8 April 2017

Wanted: Petite Princess / Princess Patti Book

Becky is trying to obtain a new or used copy of the book, "Complete Reference Guide to Ideal's 1964 & 1965 Petite Princess and Princess Patti Dollhouse Furniture" by Linda Gant and Deb Holman. Unfortunately, Linda Gant does not have any copies of her book left. 

If you can help, please email Becky or phone her on 814-269-4859 (Pennsylvania, USA).

Added 8 July 2016

Wanted: German Toy Grocery Stores

Patti McGuire is looking for vintage German toy grocery stores especially by C Moritz Reichel. Please email her if you can help.

Added 8 July 2016

Wanted: Dora Kuhn hutch and Caco dolls

Member Elaine from Colorado is looking for a Dora Kuhn 1:12 scale corner hutch in blue. She would also like to know what its item number is.

She is also looking for the Caco dolls C-3065 Man, C-3055 Woman, C-3090 boy, C-3080 girl all dressed up in Bavarian clothes and all with porcelain heads. These were made in the 1990's, not past 2000. They came out of

If you can help Elaine, please contact her through her member profile or by email.

Added 17 April 2016 

Wanted: Lines Bros Dolls House components

Frances is looking for the following:

Lines fireplace - the style with rounded columns at each side & a barometer grate
Lines chimney - right hand for a half Kits Coty
Lines Bros window for a DH/35

Please contact Frances by email or through her member profile if you can help.

Updated 30 May 2016

Wanted: Del Prado Instructions

Joyce is searching for the instruction book for a Del Prado kit dolls house. From about 10 years ago she has had the whole house to build, but no instructions.

If you can help Joyce, please contact her by email.

Added 19 March 2016

Wanted: 1980s Magic Mart dollhouse

Wanda is looking for the brown two story dollhouse that sold in Magic Marts in Arkansas in the 1980's. It had real carpet in the living room and grass on the outside.

If you can help Wanda, please contact her by email.

Added 19 March 2016

Wanted: Windows for German Dolls House

Beth says:

A few years ago my husband bought me a dollhouse from Germany. It is large and has windows that need to be replaced. I am hoping someone can help me. I know we spent a great deal of money and much more to have it shipped to the United States to me.  




We think the windows measure 2 3/8 x 5 1/8 and I need 22 of them...


This is the label on the dolls house, but the website does not seem to be operational any more.

Please contact Beth by email,, if you can help.

Added 21 February 2016

Wanted: DHE Mimosa Cottage Basement

Gillian says:

I am looking for Mimosa Cottage basement yellow in colour either lit and
decorated or the Quickstyle kit painted outside and inside.

I could arrange Courier collection or it could be posted.


Please contact Gillian through her member profile (Gilly) or by email.

Added 15 March 2015

Wanted: Working Dolls House TV set

Gillian says:
I would love to know if anyone has a working dolls house TV set for sale
or could they tell me where they bought one please.

Please contact Gillian through her member profile (Gilly) or by email.

Added 15 March 2015

Wanted: Petite Princess furnishings

Jill says:

I am looking to purchase the Petite Princess sink, stove, fridge, hutch, 
table and chairs, and also the tv and the tv cart.
Please contact Jill by email if you can help. 

Added 28 February 2015

Wanted: Triang 53 Ultra Modern Art Deco

Daniel says: 
I am looking for a Triang number 53 'ultra modern' dolls house. 
This is the largest of the Art Deco houses made by Triang. 
I would prefer one in as original condition as possible with its sun room 
and chimney but restoration would be considered. 
Please contact Daniel Brookbank by email:
Added 8 February 2015 

Wanted: Elgin and Triang Period/Jacobean Furniture

Daniel says: 
I am looking to expand my collection of Elgin, period Furniture and 
Jacobean Furniture all made by Triang. 
If you have any for sale please let me know. 
Thank you.
Daniel Brookbank, email 
Added 8 February 2015 

Wanted: Sid Cooke Jubilee Basement

Sid Cooke Jubilee House with Basement. Photo © Michal Morse


Heather says: "I have acquired a Sid Cooke Jubilee house, the same model as this image but missing the basement. They were sold as kits from around 2002 for Queen Elizabeth's Golden Jubilee I think. I am seeking only the genuine Sid Cooke basement (as above). The house and basement are no longer made and I am hoping that some doll's house shop somewhere might have old stock, or an enthusiast have one boxed they never got to use, but would consider parting with. Any condition/state would be very welcome. Please contact me (Heather) through my member profile or email

Added 28 Jan 2015

Wanted: Dennis Jenvey pieces

Sophia Twaddell, of Chicago, IL, USA, is looking for Dennis Jenvey pieces for her personal collection. If anyone has any they are willing to sell, please contact her by email.

Added 28 Jan 2015

Wanted: Marx Brown Plastic Table & Chairs

Deaun says,

"I am searching for the round table and two chairs, in this particular shade of tan/beige/brown, for a Marx bomb shelter house.  They may have also appeared in the rec room/rumpus room at some time, on the patio, or possibly even be tucked away in a kitchen.  Any leads out there?"

Please contact Deaun by email or through her member profile.

Added 30 June 2014

Wanted: DHE Gatehouse

Ann says,

"Can anyone tell me where i could get a kit or a second hand build of the Dolls House Emporium Gatehouse or tower. Thank you for reading."

Please contact Ann through her member profile if you can help.


Added 30 June 2014





Wanted: Green Barton & Doltoi Kitchen Items & Any Handicrafts Items

Kim W is still looking for:

  • green Barton kitchen units, table and chairs
  • Doltoi Modern kitchen units with green 'formica' tops and fronts
  • and also for Handicrafts furniture (furniture made to designs published by Handicrafts magazine).

Please contact Kim through her member profile if you can help.

Updated 14 February 2016

Wanted: Windows and Door for Lines No 10 Dolls House

David Silverstone is looking for four 8cm x 8cm opening windows and a front door for a Lines No 10 dolls house, ca 1933-38. The dimensions of the front door opening are 157 mm high and 75 mm wide. Can anybody help ? Please email him if you can.

David's DH10.

Added 24 April 2014

Wanted: Components for Toy Works D04 Tudor Dolls House

I got a dolls house when I was a little girl, Toy Works model D04 Tudor which I still love to this day. I have been trying to restore it as it has got damaged over the years. The parts I need are chimney, stairs, front door, windows and shutters.

If you can help, please contact Anna Marie by email.

Added 23 January 2014

Wanted: Honeychurch Parkside Dolls House

Deborah says,

"I am trying to find a Honeychurch Parkside house. Does anyone have any ideas where I might find one?
Thank you
Deborah Tucker"

Please contact Deborah by email if you can help.

Added 28 September 2013

Wanted: Hogarin Furniture

Maria Lopez Cano says,

"Hola, a todos estoy interesada en comprar Hogarin, sobre todo cocina, comedor."

I am interested in buying Hogarin furniture, especially for the kitchen and dining room.

Please email Maria at or through her member profile if you can help.

Added 17 September 2013.


Wanted: Judith Dunger Chinoiserie Items

I am looking for Judith Dunger items, particularly a Chinoiserie Marriage Chest.  I noticed one in the magazine and it is JUST the sort of thing I have been looking for.

I am planning a modern minimalist white/white house and just want a few stunning Judith Dunger pieces in the rooms, so that they are displayed in all their wonderfulness!

Thank you, Jazz
Please contact Jazz by email or through her member profile if you can help.
Still wanted February 2016

Wanted: Playtown Luncheonette

I am searching for a Playtown Luncheonette. Anyone selling one or know where I can purchase one?

Please contact Patti by email if you can help.

Added 20 July 2013

Wanted: a Lines Brothers 1915 No 70 dolls house

I have been searching for a Lines Brothers 1915 No 70 dolls house, with a single bow front, attic window, and metal windows and front door. I had one stolen many years ago, it was a childhood treasure and I have been looking for one ever since. I know one lady who has one, (Marion Osbourne put me in touch years ago) but she does not want to sell it. Is there any chance anyone has one they'd like to sell? Thanks - Heather

Please contact Heather by email if you can help.

Added 10 May 2013

Wanted: Triang Broome fronts

I'm looking for the 2 fronts for a Triang Broome house please, if any members might have them to spare. The fronts come in 2 pieces and slide into place. ...thanks, Lesley

Please contact Lesley by email or through her member profile.

Posted 9 April 2013

Wanted: Gustavian Wallpapers


I was wondering if the Gustavian wallpapers that used to be sold by The Singing Tree are available from another source these days?

Thanks, Susan G

Posted 18 March 2013

Wanted: Old toy theatres

Old Toy theatres, wooden preferred, in complete and good condition, also scenery, characters and accessories.

Triang No2 (black and silver) circa 1937 particularly sought at present time to fill a gap;  but good Victorian and Edwardian examples always wanted for personal collection.

Please contact Keith with full details and, if possible photographs. Many thanks.

(loaded 12/8/12)


Doris (in Georgia, USA) would love to hear from anyone who has a Tynietoy dollhouse or Tynietoy dollhouse furniture to sell.

Please contact her through her profile, Lovelylady, or by email.

Still wanted February 2016

Wanted: Gottschalk and Schoenhut Dolls Houses

I am looking for the Red Roof Gottschalk with the recessed porch and I am also looking for the Schoenhut dollhouse with the fibreboard looking stone walls and a foundation with a tile roof.

I do not have any pictures, sorry!!!
Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to provide, Doris (in Georgia, USA)


Please contact Doris through her profile, Lovelylady, or by email.

Still wanted February 2016

Wanted: Lines Window Frames

Can anyone tell me where I can get replacement window frames for a Lines house, please. The photo shows the window frames I am looking for - I need all of them!

If you can help, please contact Sue.

Still wanted February 2016

Lundby Stockholm

Does anyone who has broken up an old Lundby Stockholm have the front frame, or parts of the front frame, that I could buy? I particularly need the front roof edge (even if broken) and the two end strips. These parts are never put on Ebay.

Many thanks, Joy.

Please send Joy a message through her profile.

Loaded 5/2/12


*1978 Christie's auction catalog for Titania's Palace

* 2004 DVD for Flora Gill Jacobs' auction

Also looking for Christian Hacker parts/pieces.

Please email Mary Beth

Updated 13/2/2016

Wanted: Grecon Dolls

Does anyone have any Grecon Dolls for sale please? I've recently become addicted, but not having much luck in tracking them down! Any condition, any type.
If you can help, please email

Wanted: Paul Leonhardt furniture

I recently purchased this piece of Paul Leonhardt it is a painted wood and metal etagere item and I'm hoping another collector out there might have pieces to match it. 

Please email


Wanted: Westacre Furniture

I am looking for Westacre furniture. I am interested mostly in lamps, bookcase, piano, and chairs but would like to know of any other Westacre items someone might have for sale.
Please email me