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Adventures in wallpaper printing by Rosemary

I have been printing wallpaper from old drawer linings, nice designs and with a little bit of wear on them, gives them that antique touch. I reduce the image as much as needed, align the design and then print what I need.



Today, in error, I pressed the black button instead of the colour, and printed 3 'mistake' sheets off.



 I didn't want to waste them so re-inserted them into the copier carefully, the right way for identical printing, pressed the colour button and waited to see what I got.

 Great!  I was printing a pretty cottage paper with a pink rose and green leaves (above). Now I got a purple rose with darker green leaves (below) - a different colourway completely, and not a trace of black. Even more Helen Allingham cottage than the original.


 I also discovered that due to printing out a red brick wall, the red ink ran out, so I'm making a new paper colourway without the red. Make hay while the sun shines and waste not!  I have a good supply source for my papers, currently a pretty 1900 purple frieze with roses, should be purple printed, but without the red its a nice greeny-yallery. I hoard things so can get genuine stuff to reduce down when I feel the need - this was an un-used left over bit from my Grandmother's house.



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