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From the Editor

Welcome to the first issue of the Dolls Houses Past and Present magazine for 2011. Again, we have a good spread of years and countries, from 1840 to 2011, and from England, America, Germany and Sweden. Quite fortuitously, we have 3 articles about cardboard or leather-board dolls houses, which are perhaps even more fragile than wooden ones, but have the great advantage of taking less space when dismantled. We also have two articles about dolls house furniture made for only a short time - both Ladies' Guild and Tuna Kullan furnishings were made for less than 5 years, one hundred years apart and in different countries. The stories of their makers are fascinating.

A big thank you to all those who contributed articles and photographs. While you'll see 10 authors' names in the index below, several other members helpfully sent photos to help illustrate the articles; they are acknowledged in the respective articles.

Coming up in the May issue: Pit-a-Pat, Lerro of Sweden, Modella roomboxes, Toy Works, a profile of modern mini artisan Peter Tucker, distinguishing modern "vintage" reproductions from the real thing, and more!

I hope you will all find something to enjoy and inspire you here - as always, your feedback and suggestions are very welcome, as well as your articles!




Page 2. A Lifetime's Passion (Part 2) by Angela Bulteel

Page 3. Ladies' Guild Furniture by Elizabeth Jackson

Page 4. 1925 Tootsie Toy House by Tracy H

Page 5. Built-Rite Cardboard Houses by Susan Hale

Page 6. The Dolly Varden Dolls House circa 1936 -1940 by Celia Thomas of KT Miniatures

Page 7. Tuna Kullan, an unbelievable story of a piece of Swedish craftsmanship by Susanne Hjelm

Page 8. Bodo Hennig’s dolls houses   by diepuppenstubensammlerin

Page 9. 2011 New York International Toy & Gift Fairs by Christine Ferrara

Page 10. Designer Profile: Doris Nathanson of minimodernistas by Carol Morehead

Page 11. Printing miniature fabric: a tutorial by Anna-Maria C Sviatko

Page 12. Competition for DHPP members; Just for Fun - A Puzzle from 1932; Submission Guidelines


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