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Competition for DHPP Members

The competition in this issue is to win these two little Erna Meyer dolls (about 3 1/4" or 8-8.5cm tall), who have never been played with as they are old store stock from the 1950s:


 For a chance to win, answer the following questions:

1. What was Miss Halley's father?

2. How old is the model of St Blasius?

3. Which company imported Wagner dolls houses into England in the 1930s?

4. What was the address of Pomona Toys first shop?


This competition is only open to registered members of this website, Dolls Houses Past and Present.

 For your chance to win this prize, please send your answers via the website "Contact Us " Section or by email to:

greenreb41 at hotmail dot com

(remove spaces and replace at with @ and dot with .)  


All correct entries will be entered into the draw and a winner will be picked at random.


Entries must be received by the closing date of Monday 4th January 2011.


Good luck!

Competition Give-aways: your thoughts by Rebecca Green

We have included a give-away competition in this issue again, as I think they are fun, and popular (I hope), and perhaps encourage readers to join Dolls Houses Past and Present.

Would you like to have give-away competitions in future issues?

If you would, I'd like to suggest some ideas for continuing them. Neither Anna-Maria nor I have unlimited supplies of potential give-aways, and I expect that most members are in the same situation.

Do you have something you would like to offer as a give-away for one issue, perhaps something you have made yourself, or a spare item in good condition? If we continue with a give-away in each issue, we could acknowledge each donor by saying, "this issue's give-away is offered by so-and-so."

Some practical questions arise, though: 

Would the item/s be dispatched by the donor, or come to us to be forwarded on?

Who would cover the costs of postage? The person giving away or us?

 If the item doesn’t arrive, who’s responsible?

 Or, another idea is to have a give-away once a year for the Christmas issue, and make it a stocking of items from various people. Of course that would involve double postage (once to a central point to collate, and then to the winner.)


I will open this as a topic in for discussion Your Feedback about Dolls Houses Past and Present .

Submission Guidelines

We're always happy to receive submissions for our quarterly ezine (currently published around the end of February, May, August and November each year)

Ideally, your submission will be in Word format, emailed to us as an attachment. If you do not have access to Word we're also happy to receive your article in the body of your email.


If your submission includes photos the placement of the photos should be indicated within the submission like this:

This is an article about dolls houses or miniatures and here is a lovely photo to illustrate my point:

<Photo 1: Name of your photo>

Caption, if you're using one.

And then the article continues like this...

Photos should be no bigger than 500kb, if possible (most photo editing software has an option to compress photos), and sent as attachments, not embedded in your submission. Please ensure the names of your photos match the names you have provided in the body of your submission.

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