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Letter from the Editor

Welcome to the final issue of the magazine for 2010. This issue has articles covering nearly 200 years of dolls houses and miniatures, from Britain, Germany, the USA and Australia. Thanks to the contributors, who have shared their enthusiasm and experiences. I hope everyone will find something to enjoy. If your passion hasn't appeared in this magazine yet, please think about writing about it yourself! We welcome contributions, short and long, at any time. Please contact us if you'd like to discuss ideas for articles on topics such as

- your collection

- a dolls house or shop etc that's unusual or interesting

- a particular make of dolls houses, dolls house furniture or dolls that you can tell us about

- a restoration project

- how to make minis

- a travel or museum report on a great place to visit

If you've never written before, but you have something you'd like to share, just give it a go. We're dolls house collectors, not professional writers! I'm happy to help you shape your piece if you'd like some assistance.

This issue also includes a give-away competition again.

Happy reading, and stay safe over the holiday period!



November 2010 Index


Page 1. Index and intro

Page 2. A Lifetime's Passion (Part 1) by Angela Bulteel

Page 3. A Local Treasure by Annette Hoar

Page 4. Restoration of a C.E.Turnbull Dolls House  by Wendy Stephen

Page 5. Pomona Toys by Rebecca Green

Page 6. A 1930s German Wagner Dolls House by Celia Thomas

Page 7. Isle of Wight - travel report of a miniaturist from Germany by diepuppenstubensammlerin

Page 8. Albert Neely Hall, prolific designer of dolls houses by Rebecca Green

Page 9. Designer Profile: Paris Renfroe, PRD Miniatures by Carol Morehead

Page 10. Give-away Competition for Members

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