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A piece of cake! by Joan Joyce

What can you do on a rainy day in the school holidays with an 8 and 12 year old girl? I had my two granddaughters staying and we decided to make dolls house food using air-dry clay. We had such fun that I had a job getting them out when it was sunny!


What you will need :

* Air drying clay

* Acrylic craft paints in a variety of colours

* Some decent quality paint brushes in various sizes

* Cake cutters and moulds

* A blade (not to be used by the very young or unsupervised)

* Matt acrylic varnish

* Red and black CD marker pens

* Paper plates or buttons

* bottle tops for pie dishes

* Newspaper and a tray to work on


(I would advise that you collect everything together before you begin as children can get very impatient.)


We spent a few  minutes looking at pictures of vintage food and some I had already made. A short demo and they were off! They soon got carried away and started doing their own thing. I was very impressed with the fruits of their labour and now they have very well stocked dolls houses.

1 Kneading the clay.

2 Rolling out.

3 Cutting the cake shapes. We used cake-making  and petit-fours cutters.

4 Making a pie in a bottle top.

5 Push the clay into the top, flute the edges with the round end of a paintbrush and prick air holes using a cocktail stick.

6  Ready for painting.

7 Cutting a slice from the fruit cake. The blade is sharp – don’t let them use it unsupervised!

8  Extracting the slice.

9 Making a cottage loaf.

10 Press the smaller clay ball on top, moistening the join.

11 Ready for painting.

12 Making scones.

13 Leave to dry, this could take a day or so , the girls got impatient so I put it in a very low oven for a while to speed things up.

14 Starting the base coat, various shades of beige and cream.

15 Blending the golden brown top coat.

16 Flouring the top with a very small amount of off white and a small stencil brush.

17 Using a red CD marker pen for the jam line.

18 Some of Phoebe’s cakes.

19 What shall we paint next?

20 Finishing the food with a coat of matt acrylic varnish.

21 Another finishing touch. Phoebe made this meat by copying an old one and without a demo from me.

22 We used “no more nails” for icing and cream. It is a tricky, messy  business, but they did well. I got them to practise on paper first.

23 CD marker dots to resemble fruit in the cake.


24 Phoebe’s finished food ( age 8)

25 Megan’s finished food ( age 12)

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