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A website and ezine about dolls' houses: antique, vintage and modern. Plus furniture and accessories.

Letter from the Editor

I'm starting to feel like the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland: constantly muttering "I'm late, I'm late!"


Every issue of the Dolls Houses Past & Present magazine takes much much longer to put together than I first think, and it has to not only fit around the rest of my commitments  but also come before any other site business that you submit. Luckily for us the lovely (and very knowledgable) Rebecca has volunteered to help out with the site so hopefully you'll see things happening much more quickly round here from now on.


Speaking of helping out, have you noticed how the magazine has been shrinking over the past few issues? The magazine is only as large as the number of articles you write for us. Please consider telling us about what's been happening in your neck of the mini woods: shows or exhibitions you've been to or been part of, new treasures you've found, things you've created or information you've unearthed. Don't panic: it doesn't have to be a whole page, smaller submissions are very welcome!


Happy reading!



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