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Letter from the Editor

Thank you so much for your patience after my laptop was stolen in early May, thus blowing out the publication date for the May 2010 (now titled June 2010 and finished in July!) magazine.


I hope the wait has been worth it and that you've been enjoying the "sneak peek" as I built the magazine "live" on the site rather than in my secret back end work space...


You'll notice a few changes: Webs (the site we publish on) has introduced nesting pages, making the site cleaner. I took the opportunity to create a magazine archive area with the back issues I had hidden in my secret back end work space. Alas I don't have the first two issues as they were on my old laptop. Once I've recovered from getting this issue to bed I'll hunt them down and get them loaded.

Another change I hope you'll find useful is a link at the bottom of each page to the previous page, the next page, and the index.


Thanks, as usual, to all the contributors for the fabulous information packed articles they produced: without your help there would be no magazine.


Happy reading!



June 2010 Index

Page 1. Cover

Page 2. Index and intro

Page 3. Conway Valley - The final years by Rebecca Green

Page 4. American made:  Keystone of Boston dollhouses by Florine Bettge

Page 5. Keystone of Boston: the history of the firm by Rebecca Green

Page 6. Beds on Parade by Barbara King

Page 7. Mixing Antique Miniatures With Modern Reproduction Miniatures by Celia Thomas

Page 8. So you want a modern dollhouse by Megan Hornbecker

Page 9. Brinca Dada Hits the Modern Doll House Scene by Christine Ferrara

Page 10. How to make fridge magnets from your miniature collection by Anna-Maria C Sviatko


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