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My Amersham Houses by Alison Duggan

 (1) Double gable Amersham house. Three rooms plus garage.

This house appears in Marion Osborne's A-Z 1914-1941 Dollshouses dated to 1937. Mine also has a metal label centre front on base.



6" Deep - base 11"

16" high plus 1.75" base

18" wide House & base

Room height 5.75"


Chimney missing. Original Red stained roof.  Painted reddish brown oak beams to front of house with flowers around the porch and lower windows.  Original lower windows with replacement romside lattice window in top bay.  Battery box under base back right hand side. This house has brick paper applied over both sides of the house only which I started to remove but stopped as I feel very strongly that it is original even though the house is painted underneath.  I have recently seen another example of this house which is identical except that the top right hand room has toys and boats wallpaper instead of the children playing but also has the same fireplace.


(2) Original fireplace to lower right hand room painted metallic gold colour with remains of brick paper on the hearth section. Original wallpaper remaining to both this lower right hand room, and the top right hand room (this has the lovely children playing paper upstairs but it has lost its metallic sheen). The 2 remaining rooms are painted - not sure if this is original. Remains of dark green paper floor paper to right hand upper room and dark brown woodblock to right hand lower room.  Original stairs.


(3)  Single gable Amersham. Two rooms and external Garage.



20" Wide including garage

19" High (excluding new base)

9.75" deep

Room Height lower - 6.75" upper 6"


The 6 room version of this house appears in Marion Osborne's A-Z 1914-1941 Dollshouses with dating evidence to 1938. Original green roof, original windows but no door although the very deco pediment thingy! to the top of the garage still remains. Remains of painted flowers and oak beams to front of house.  Sadly the base is not original. No original fireplaces or stairs.

(4, 5) House has original children playing paper to top room and remains of blue "starburst" paper to one wall in lower room.    Original mottled brown floor paper to upper room. Top room has bulb holder so am assuming battery would be held in base

(6) Original Chimney. (Note: No chimney on the smooth, incised tiled roof houses.)

Triple gable Amersham, six rooms.



29" wide (base and house)

19.5" High plus 2" base

9" deep (16" deep base)

6" Room Height

Heavily overpainted! I have seen a photo of an identical house at one of the dollshouse fairs, so I know that it is missing the window boxes under the top double windows, both door porches, plus the triangular porch over the lower centre window. Original red stained roof. 

(8) Original stairs and original red paint to top right hand room and original blue paint to bottom left hand room. Original fireplace to middle top room.


(9) Centre double window in top bay is confusing as it is made in one piece i.e. transoms do not open...........could be a replacement (if so where did it come from as I want some!) but it has the same number of layers of overpainting and when viewed from the reverse looks identical in construction and fitting as the others (although it is slightly different in the lattice scale

 (10) The base has 2 nails in the centre where the label is missing and also has the 2 large brackets at each side holding the house to the base.  It also has 2 oblongs cut out of each side of the base which I assume are hand holds. I am pretty sure these are original.  Battery box under right hand side of base

(11) Single gable brick papered Amersham with smooth incised tile roof. Two rooms plus garage.


17" High including base (base 1")

20" Wide including base (House 18")

7" Deep

Room Height 5"

All original windows, doors, etc. Base has been overpainted over the lighter almost lime green original colour. Curved porch and green strip over garage doors may have been repainted but similar colour to original, also red paths have been repainted but can see small strip of original oak red path. The paper to the front of the house is original and it appears to be applied over the painted surface and not onto bare wood.  There is a hole in the right hand side of the end gable which has some kind of fixed metal connections for a battery.

(12) Original wallpapers to both rooms, remains of original floor paper to top floor and the bottom floor was the usual dark brown block paper flooring

(13) Large brackets to each side of the house securing it to the base which has curved corners.  The triple gable has the same large brackets to the base so I think that these are original and not a later addition

(14) Door hinge to wooden strip attached to inside front wall.



(15) Single gable painted Amersham house with smooth incised roof.



Width 15"  16" with base

18" high including 1.75" base

6" deep

Room height 5.75"


This was the very first house I ever bought and is a bit scruffy but my favourite!  Unfortunately the paint work was very fragile and in removing the overpainting most of the original paint came off as well but you can just see traces of flowers around the lower half.  Green shutters are original as are all of the doors (top bay window is a Romside replacement).  The only house I have with the curved wooden beaming to the gable. No chimney on the incised tiled roof houses.  Battery box under base on right hand back side.


(16) Detail of front door.


(17)  Upper room has original but tatty red painted walls. Lower room has dark brown woodblock paper and tatty original cream paint on walls. 


(18)   This house has a label which is neither metal nor transfer is some kind of foil edged paper/card label. I think all of the Amersham houses I have date from the 30s or early 40s but I can't date this one.................Are metal labels the oldest, then paper/card labels next and transfer printed last??

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