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Barbara Kings's Silber & Fleming Dolls' Houses

(Above) "This is not a large house the front measures 19" x 10" but the two rooms only measure 8" wide x 7 high x 4.5 deep. I have stripped off four layers of wallpaper from the interior and have quite a bit of the original missing, still not sure where to go with that, I have some imprinted paper that I have taken off, may try and use that. I have furnished it to see where the paper gaps show most, I think my red Empire furniture has just been waiting for this little house!

(Below) Here's a photo of the old house as it was when I bought it home, thought you might like to see "the before"!"

Four roomed Silber & Fleming

(Above) Inside of Barbara King's 4 Roomed Silber & Fleming. There is a birthday party going on and there are lots of little child dolls causing havoc around the house and only the poor maid and cook left to cope.

Two room Silber & Fleming


































(Above) "This is my two room Silber & Fleming house, this was a mess when I bought it covered in white paint (still is on the back and sides), nice black gloss all over the door and trims and inside there was twelve layers of wallpaper. When I bought it, I bought it with the idea that whatever I did to it I couldn't muck it up! You can imagine my delight when I uncovered  the front (this was my first real "old" house) then paintakingly removing all the paper inside I found the original wall and floor papers underneath. The house has a wonderful scruffy played with look now."

(Below) "Inside is a lovely mismatch of furniture, styles and scales which seem to suit it. There is  Westacre four poster bed with original bedding, a westacre sofa and ottoman, a blondewood washstand, downstairs a large dresser, table and chairs a huge picture and a very large dog (imagine what size that would be in real scale!) Three nice dolls complete the scene."

Three storey Silber & Fleming

 (Above) "This is one of my Silber & Fleming houses, I believe it to be from around 1840-50, it came with it's contents, there are a few things I have added, a kitchen dresser, some food, a cat, a couple of baskets, the pictures in the bedroom and a few ornaments. Everything else is contempory with the house."


(Below) "The bedroom suite is a particularly nice early one, matching bed, washstand, dressing table and towel rail (with towels). Nice metal original fire in the bedroom as well. The middle room has some nice pieces of Walterhausen including a marble top chest with bone/ivory pillars, and a nice marble top table. The kitchen was a bit sparser and I have added a later dresser, but still a nice early table and a lovely old range and plate rack. The house is inhabited by three paper mache head peg dolls (possibly by Kestner), four tiny Grodnertal dolls and an early bisque doll."

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