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Bubby’s House & A Little Old Bungalow

Two Unique 1930’s Dolls Houses

By Celia Thomas


If you love vintage dolls houses and are a fan of all things 1930’s, then you should enjoy this little peek at Bubby’s House, a fascinating and unique dolls house made by a gentleman for his daughter in the decade preceding World War 2.


This little book, the second in a whole series on vintage dolls houses, focuses mainly on Bubby’s House, which provides a brief glimpse into the middle class English “Metro-land” style of the early 1930’s. The wallpaper alone, all completely original and refreshingly intact, is a feast of colour and design in a dolls house that was so obviously much loved and greatly played with. In addition there is the entire set of furniture, some of which was evidently produced by the same hand as the creator of this dolls house....Bubby’s father. 


For good measure, I have also incorporated into this same book a short feature on a 1930’s bungalow which is from my own personal collection, instantly recognisable to anyone who has frequented the “Old Dolls House Gallery” section tucked away on KT Miniatures’ website. This charming bungalow, again in original condition with its own hand made furniture, actually sits in all its glory up high in my loft workroom, providing inspiration in abundance when needed, as I sit and work at my miniatures. 


Finally, I have concluded this book with some advice and suggestions for collectors of both vintage and reproduction miniatures. Surprisingly, it seems that many dolls house collectors have never really contemplated mixing vintage miniatures and modern reproduction miniatures together.  So, if this is a new concept to you, I hope you find this particularly interesting.

(Above) Old Barton Unit Turned Upside Down & Used In Workshop Scene


At the handy compact A5 size with 32 full colour pages, laminated front and back covers “Bubby’s House & A Little Old Bungalow”  is the second  in what will be a whole series on not only vintage dolls houses, but miniature projects  based on the  1930’s/1940’s era.


Price £5.99 each plus P&P.  Available only directly from KT Miniatures 

Tel: 01844 212520

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