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G. & J. Lines Bros. No 37 Dolls House c1915      by Marion Martin


Here are the pictures of my Lines 37. I think it is in almost original condition apart from it had no fireplaces. I have added three Lines fireplaces and improvised in the kitchen with a lovely little range made of wood in character with the house (I think). I had to put the glass back in to some of the frames (a right fiddly little job, I cut some 1/2" panel pins in half and used them to refix the window frames where the pins were missing). The attic window is missing the little green shutter. 

Briefly I did not know anything about Lines houses before I had contact with Wendy (Gater) who sent me some pictures of her houses. I saw a house for sale on ebay which I thought looked like one of hers though not the same so I bid on it.  I cannot remember how much I paid for it off hand but it was not a lot. I was so excited when it arrived and really did not know what I had purchased until I opened  the parcel and found the house in the condition it is in, floors and wallpaper intact. Shame the fireplaces had gone but I think the ones I put in are probably right, if not let me know. The furniture is all stuff that I have bought on Ebay at various times over the past 8 years. The little people are mostly Mouslow Dolls made by a very clever lady who sells them on Ebay (Please see article at end of page).

The above pictures (top) shows the inside of the main opening door with what I believe to be the original wallpaper and the second picture (below) shows the original Dolls House front door complete with metal door furniture.

The above picture (top) shows one of the rooms with original wallpaper and floor paper. The picture (below) shows the inside of the house, there are no doors/doorways and there isn't a staircase.

The two above pictures show the upstairs rooms which I have furnished as bedrooms.

The above pictures show pieces from the two bedrooms, there is a Dol-Toi bookcase in the second picture.

The picture on the left is the kitchen with the wooden cooking range which I have added and the picture on the right shows the parlour with an old tin metal G. & J.Lines fireplace, which was not original to this house but fits in very well I think.

The above pictures show some of the parlour and kitchen pieces.

The above picture shows the fireplaces that are in the bedrooms they are original Lines fireplaces but I have had to add them as the original fireplaces weren't in the house when I got it.The chair I think it is quite old, it is made from board and covered in material, very well made and the wheels do go round. The spindles on the wheels are individually glued in so it is quite fragile. I just loved it when I saw it, although at the time I had nowhere to put it. When this lovely little house turned up I decided it was the perfect place to park the chair!!

Mouselow Dolls                           by Alison Luck

     Mouselow Sailor

     Mouselow Tilly Munitions Workers

My Mouselow Dolls


Mouselow Couple
        Mouselow Joanie 
My name is Alison Luck and I am based in Gravesend Kent and started to make "Mouselow" dolls around around 10 years ago as I didn't have the funds to populate my vintage wrecks with vintage dolls I started to make dolls that I thought would blend in with the grecon dolls I already had and they brought a smile to my face so I continued to make them for family and friends.  Last year I was at a loose end and finally plucked up the courage to list a couple of dolls on ebay....................................I had such a good response that I started to list more! 
Prices for these Dolls are: 1/16th scale dolls from £9.99 and 12th scale from £15.00.
If anyone is interested in purchasing "Mouselow" dolls please email me:

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