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Very Rare Dol-Toi Pieces              by Eleanor Brown 

Some years ago I purchased some old packets of Dol-Toi pieces and as they are glass I thought that they might help other members to identify their own pieces.
The tops of the packets are Green or Blue and labelled Dol-Toi Glassware Stamford Made In England.
Some of the cellophane packets have become fragile and I was able to photo the loose pieces.
All of the items are so fragile and I would never have been able to identify them had they not been in the original Dol-Toi packets. 

Pictures below: Rare Dol - Toi Items (message from Editor- sorry some of the items in these photos are hard to see but many of these items are in sealed plastic packets which are extremely hard to photograph, I have made the pictures large to help)

Picture Above Left:  Dol-Toi Glass Candelabrum it is all glass with blue candles and red tips. There are also single candle sticks some coloured gold at the holder, some have shaped clear glass holders but all with the blue candle and red tip.

Picture Above Right: An all clear glass coffee percolator.

Pictures below: Left-Dol-Toi Parrot          Right- Dol-toi Gold Tray with Decanter + Other

Pictures Above (3):

1. The parrot is especially fragile and just balances on a glass perch/stand. 

2. The little brass trays have tiny sherry glasses with a cranberry or clear glass decanter with a tiny glass stopper.

3. Collection of Dol-Toi Glass items.

Including: Fan Shaped Serviettes which are fabric with different coloured glass rings.

Some glass jars labelled greengage and apricot jam.

There is also a clear glass water set, the jug having a curled glasscoloured handle.

Pictures Above:

Left: Dol-Toi Items Including an umbrella and walking stick which are gold coloured with coloured fabric on the umbrella.

 Right: Candlestick and plates of cakes which have minute glass cakes all slightly different.

Pictures Above:

Left: Early Dol-Toi Sticker

Right: Gold Tray with Bottle and Two Glasses

Pictures Above (4):

1. Glass Cakes On Stand

2.Gold Glass Candlestick

3. Early Parrot & Other

4. Gold Glass Coffee Set On Green Metal Tray


Picture Above:

Dol-toi Items which include: Glass Fruit on a Plate, Glass Apple & Pear on a Plate & Other

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