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               The Tale of Winsford House  by Celia Thomas  

Page 3. Homemade Australian Dolls Houses by Rebecca Green

Page 4. The History of Moko Toys by Wendy Gater

Page 5.  Very Rare Dol-Toi Glass Pieces by Eleanor Brown

Page 6.  Nelson Villa - A Piece of Flat Pack Furniture by Daniel Brookbank

Page 7.  Rare Antique Miniatures by Sue

Page 8.  G. & J. Lines Bros No.37 Dolls House by Marion Martin

                 Mouselow Dolls by Alison Luck

Page 9.  Conway Valley Company by Rebecca Green and Wendy Gater

Page 10. Barton Fireplaces - A small Visual Guide by Claire Quick

Page 11. G. & J. Lines Ltd 1931 Bungalow by Marion Osborne

Page 12. "A Box of Memories"- Breast Cancer Campaign by Celia Thomas

Page 13. To Restore or Not to Restore Part 2 by Wendy Gater




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The Tale of Winsford House                           by Celia Thomas


Celia Thomas has been a professional miniaturist now since 1997 trading as KT Miniatures and has had numerous articles published in various publications over the years. During the course of time, she has seen dozens of vintage dolls houses come and go but just occasionally something very special comes along. Winsford House was thought to be just another 1960’s dolls house on first inspection, but when renovation began, a lovely discovery was made which saw this dolls house turn into something quite unique indeed.

This is a very brief story of the tale that this little dolls house revealed and includes details on how it was renovated to bring it back to its former glory, with handy tips on vintage dolls house restoration. One of these tips includes detailed information on how to replicate vintage dolls house brick paper.

 At the handy smaller A5 size with 28 full colour pages along with laminated front and back covers, this book is the first in what will be a whole series on not only vintage dolls houses, but miniature projects  based on the  1930’s/1940’s era.

Price £5.99 each plus P&P.  

Available only directly from from 11th November 2009.



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