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Barton fireplaces, A small visual guide                    by Claire Quick

They always say that the fireplace is the heart of the home and probably
so true in the world of vintage dolls houses.

I would imagine that most British dolls houses of the 20th century has a Barton fireplace in one style or another.

They produced and sold a good variety of styles over the years. I have only been collecting for a year and here are a few of the fireplaces that have come my way.

Marion Osbornes "Barton Modern Homes Book"
should help with further details.

Pictures below: A selection of fireplaces sold by A. Barton & Co (Toys) Ltd

Message from Editor Re: Pictures Above:

A.Barton & Co (Toys) Ltd were also supplied with items made by other makers. This information is explained in great detail in Marion Osborne's book details as mentioned above.

Top left: Green painted wooden tile effect with empty grate painted black c1940's

Top Middle & Right: Barton Wooden Fireplaces c1960's

Middle left: F.G.Taylor & Sons metal fire c1930's

Middle right: Taylor & Barrett solid metal fire circular approx c1940's

Front left: F.G.Taylor & sons metal fire circular approx 1930's

Second Front: Mr Rickards metal fire c1950's

Third Front: Barrett metal fireplace with plastic elements

Fifth Front: Caroline's Home Electric fire c1980's

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