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Why I LOVE my Triang Stockbroker by Janet Mansbridge

As my ‘Stockbroker ‘ had been skillfully restored by its previous owner, I had only two things to do when I acquired it.  First, I had to find it house room - a bit of a challenge. Then I had to furnish and populate it - a dream come true.  Eighteen months later I can say that I really love this model for six reasons:

Reason 1 Anything goes. This dolls’ house was essentially a toy and as such it is ok to include playworn and ‘odd’ looking dolls and furniture. If I am unable to decide where to place an item in my collection, it usually ends up looking quite at home in my ‘Stockbroker’. The lounge is populated by my Edi dolls and, because there are no adults present, there is something of a ‘Pippi Longstocking’ appeal to this scene.

Reason 2 Furniture and dolls in a variety of scales can be accommodated.  Although the main body of the house looks good with 1/12 items, the window recesses are ideal for displaying  smaller scale items.  In the kitchen recess Granny and Grandpa Dol Toi are breakfasting at furniture from the ‘Jacqueline range’, which is 1/16.

Reason 3 Furnishing this house authentically is affordable (just!). Sometimes , furnishing older houses can be frustrating when we know what would look just right but find we are unable to afford ‘the real thing’. We may look longingly at Waltershausen and similar on auction websites but know that usually the prices will rocket before our eyes. However, when furnishing a model from the interwar era it is still possible to pick up a bargain. ‘Job lots’ sometimes include a real treasure - I once got a Pit- a -Pat pastry table, still with its label, included in a box of random bits and pieces!  I also have pieces by Elgin, and Triang in this house that I haven’t paid a fortune for.  In this bedroom recess, Granny and Grandpa Grecon look very comfortable in a pair of ‘Queen Anne’ wing chairs.

Reason 4 You can include telephones, wireless sets, Hoovers and heaters!  I am very fond of these fascinating metal miniatures, whether reassuringly solid Taylor and Barret items or more intricate German models. With older houses we constantly have to remind ourselves that such and such can’t be included because it hadn’t been invented at that time. However, the Stockbroker provides an opportunity to display the ‘latest’ technology as in this lounge recess.

Reason 5  It has a designated bathroom.  I have a number of dolls’ houses but my ‘Stockbroker’ is the only one which has a proper bathroom. This is either because other houses are furnished in eras before bathrooms were part of the domestic scene or because I am loathe to sacrifice a room for this purpose when there are so many doll’s requiring a bed! However, with at least a dozen different display areas in this model, I was able to make the commitment at last! Furnishing a bathroom with vintage items to suit this era is both fun and affordable.

Reason 6  It has a garage. Sometimes, there really does not seem to be anywhere that we can place a particular piece.  This hall stand is one such an item -  I have not been able to accommodate it in the house but I find it charming. Simply made and slightly ’out of date’, it is being used for games equipment and looks perfect in this setting alongside the deck chairs and sledge.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you ‘The Stockbroker‘. What’s not to love?

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