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My Roomboxes and Peg Dolls by JenH

I would like to share photos of two of the room boxes I made and also the Peg doll box my sister Maddy made (see Maddy's articles in Issue 27 and Issue 28). It was Maddy who inspired me to take up the dolls house hobby and I really did enjoy it for about 8 years. I lived in Tasmania in those days and craft was a way of life there. Because of my husband’s ill health and his imminent demise, we moved back to Queensland, and after his death I unfortunately lost all interest in any sort of craft, preferring instead to read, do activities for my brain on my iPad, and mostly to cook.

The peg family have always been close to my heart, they travelled all over Australia in a camper van with me. They are getting a little faded now, but Maddy made all of their clothes, the sofa and the books which she cleverly gave pertinent titles to, she made the fireplace and indeed the box itself, she even put a photo on the wall of my husband and myself! I have since dressed the baby myself, who has the genes of his ancestors and so is different to his peg family!


I made the Christmas box myself, but Santa Claus is a peg doll, made of course by Maddy. I needed a home for him, hence the Christmas box. Maddy also made the tree fairy. My husband put electricity to the fire and the fairy so they look lovely all lit up.


The old couple room box was inspired by Heidi Ott dolls, I knitted the man’s jumper and made his trousers, I also made the old lady's outfit, including her shoes. I think they look very contented sitting by the fire. Maddy also made the sewing box on the side table.


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