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What did I let myself in for? by Joan Joyce

The phone rang and the friend on the other end asked if I could decorate a house she had been given for her granddaughter. "It doesn't need much doing to it, just a bit of internal papering," she said. I said okay, expecting something like a Dolls House Emporium Classical.
I asked her to bring it asap so I could get it done before my hip replacement operation.
She turned up the next day with her daughter and this!!!!!!!



The interior was not only boring it was also very badly done so it all had to go. It took the best part of a week to get it all stripped back ready for redecorating.




I removed the windows to make repainting easier. Goodness knows what everything had been glued with, I ended up using a hammer and chisel on the window boxes.


Would you believe my friend's daughter wanted me to paint it lime green?!? I refused, naturally! It looks much calmer in Farrow and Ball James White. I removed the dirty old green baize from the base and painted it. It still has wisteria but this time it is less rampant!


The door knocker was made from an old earring clip.

The living room, decorated and furnished with vintage pieces.

The kitchen. The wallpaper was some vintage waxed shelf paper that I found at a car boot sale. The floor is an old chess board. The lights were made from petit-fours cases.

The bathroom with more waxed shelf paper on the walls. I had the lovely old bath and basin for ages and it fitted well in here. The recipient is a careful 11 year old so I wasn't worried. The loo with chamber pots was a salt, pepper and mustard novelty. I made the cistern from an old ceramic budgie feeder.

The bedroom. Most of the furniture in here was broken but I fixed it all and gave it a new lease of life. The wallpaper was old drawer liners. The quilt made by one of our members, Daisy Lee.

On the side was a porch which I made into a sun lounge.



The outside after its transformation ........... just made it, it was collected the day before my operation!


An overview of the finished interior. I must admit I was daunted at first but am very happy with the result of my labours, as was my friend, her daughter and most importantly, her granddaughter!


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