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Lynnfield Furniture in Mindolton Manor by Susan Hale

I found this wonderful big dollhouse on Craigslist in 2009. It was fully built when I got it. It is made from a kit called the Bay Mansion #520 by Walmer which was available in the early 1980s.

The house is skillfully built. The exterior is beautifully finished. I love the colours the original owner used.

I have furnished the house exclusively with Lynnfield furniture (except for the grandfather clock in the library).

Chester Waite of Lynnfield, Mass. started making doll house furniture in the 1930's and marketed it as "Lynnfield". The furniture was elegantly and finely made and reflected several different periods of furniture design. The company changed hands several times over the years and the production moved to Columbia SA in the 1960's when Sonia Messer took over. Production ceased in the early 1980's. The furniture was marketed by Block House throughout its history and it is sometimes referred to as "Block House". The period styles remained the same over the years as did the nice quality and it continued to be made of genuine solid mahogany and mahogany veneers and assembled with tiny nails.

The left wing (when facing the house) contains the Dining Room, Library, and Master Bedroom. There is a kitchen behind the dining room, but it is almost inaccessible and I have no pictures of it.

The butler is ready to serve dinner. Where is the family? 



 The library



 All set for a chess game in front of the fire.


The master bedroom has a nice sitting area.



The middle section contains the stair halls. This is the entrance hall on the main floor. 


 The hall on the upper floor has a nice TV area for the family.


 The third floor hall has stairs leading to the attic which is not finished, so I have no pictures of it.


The right wing opens from the side and has 4 rooms.


 The living room is very elegant.


 I love the Lynnfield furniture designs.


 The lady of the house is a lovely Joan Benzell doll.


 I took apart a petit point evening bag to make the matching carpets.


 The bay windows in the door are great for extra furniture.


 I love the veranda outside the living room.


 One of my favourite Lynnfield pieces is this large breakfront.


The right wing has a lovely big bedroom. The chaise longue is a very rare Lynnfield piece. 




 A friend made this wonderful needlepoint rug. It is perfect in this bedroom.


 The vanity is also a rare piece.


The nursery is above the blue bedroom.


The large dollhouse is a Hallmark Christmas ornament.


 The small room that adjoins the nursery was shown on the dollhouse plans as the bathroom, but the builder of this house moved the door from the hallway to the nursery and made it the nanny's room. At the moment this large house has no bathroom.


I hope you enjoyed the tour. This is a very special dollhouse and I am happy to have it and the lovely Lynnfield furniture in my collection. See more of my collection at Susan's Mini Homes here:


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