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From the Editor


Welcome to our first issue of the Dolls Houses Past and Present online magazine for over a year! I apologise for the long delay in publishing this issue, due to problems with the website. Anyone who followed the instructions in the last issue for dressing a doll, and was waiting for the instructions on wigging it, will have had a very long wait, I’m sorry!

This issue covers a range of time (nearly 200 years, from the Killer Cabinet to contemporary creations) and several countries (including the UK, Germany, the USA and Mexico). Topics include individual dolls houses and dolls house manufacturers, commercially made and artisan made dolls house furniture as well as home made furnishings, and many dolls, some made by an artisan, some made at home, some commercially made and dressed or customised at home.

I hope you will all find something to enjoy, inspire and engage you. I am happy to receive suggestions and contributions for the next issue at any time.

Warm regards,



Page 2           'Earned by the needle and skill of its little owner': an early Victorian dolls' house by Alice Sage

Page 3           Gifts Fit for the Queen's Doll House by Patty Moore

Page 4           Restoration of an Antique German Blue Roof by Jane Wright

Page 5           Tiny Things and the Queen of the Needle by Claire Quick

Page 6           My Dollhouse Collection - A Mirror of Life by Louise Pipher

Page 7           My Cabinet House by Jill Friendship

Page 8           A roombox with large-scale Dora Kuhn furniture - a dream in vermilion by Sigi Ulbrich

Page 9           Why I LOVE my Triang Stockbroker by Janet Mansbridge

Page 10         Lynnfield Furniture in Mindolton Manor by Susan Hale

Page 11         VEB Holzspielwarenfabrik Grünhainichen, 1949-1966 by diePuppenstubensammlerin

Page 12         Jane Newman - A Profile by Rosemary Myers

Page 13         What did I let myself in for? by Joan Joyce

Page 14         My Roomboxes and Peg Dolls by JenH

Page 15         Mossy Manor by Anne Gerdes

Page 16         Customised Resin Dollhouse Figures by Linda Holmes

Page 17         Bryony - Wigging Instructions by Sharon Maggott

Page 18         Giveaway Competition for Members

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