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Tri-ang No 70 c1933/34 - 1936 by Sarah Boirin


Restored Front of Tri-ang No 70 

Part restored Front of house


Inside of house before restoration (left) and after restoration (right)


The picture above right shows the result of my hard and painful work ! I was very lucky to discover the original 1930s wallpaper underneath. I have slowly and painstakingly removed the top papers (and have the blisters to prove it !!). Marion Osborne (a leading Tri-ang specialist) believes that these wallpapers that she has nicknamed "amoeba" were used by Tri-ang between 1934 and 1935. Tri-ang had up to five different colours of these wallpapers !

Here it is with the majority of furniture that I am going to display in it, however I haven't yet got around to putting in all the finishing touches and accessories.

It is still very much "work-in-progress" as I have just finished stripping a non-original coat of paint from the inside of the door and refurbishing the windows.


House with gables removed. This was done in order to be able to remove the paint which had been added over the original paintwork.

I have already removed a non-original coat of paint from the lower outside front and the Tri-ang flowers are still intact. The upper front has also had a non-original coat of both cream and blue paint removed, to do this I had to very carefully remove the gables. My next job will be to remove the two coats of non-original cream and blue paint from the sides and back of the house and around the porch area. So there is plenty of work to keep me occupied !


Upstairs bedroom, restored and furnished


Upstairs bathroom in door

The green cast metal bathroom suite in the door is marked "Fairylite" and this was marketed by Graham Bros of London shortly after World War II. The blue wooden towel rail is by Barton and the blue chair is handmade.

Downstairs - living room restored and furnished


The two lovely green fabric armchairs are by Pit-a-Pat and both are stamped on the underneath. On the table is a plate of plaster sandwiches by Kaybot.

There is also a Barton bureau with the diamond ink stamp and a hallstand with strip handles, which is dated to the late 1940s. There is also a brown Kleeware standard and table lamp. The rug is handmade, as are the cushions.

The dolls living in this house are Grecons.


Downstairs - kitchen in door

The blue kitchen furniture, the cupboard and the gas cooker in the door are by Barton and carry the diamond ink stamp dating them from between August 1946 and 1948/9.

In the door there is an early Barton carpet sweeper. I also have a Taylor & Barrett metal fridge that dates from before WWII.



Left: The porch.


Here is a hanging miniature handmade beaded flower drier and a basket of beaded flowers on an early Barton sink.











Lighting in the Tri-ang No 70

 On the back of the house was a wooden panel that housed the old lighting system. I removed the panel and attached to this panel were the two bulbs that went through to the top and bottom floors. Luckily the modern "vintage looking" wall lights that I had chosen to install fitted perfectly into the holes left by the old bulbs. The two lights are powered by a 9 volt battery.

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