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The DH/12 - A Large Lines Dolls House              by Deirdre Alden

As all dolls house collectors will know, finding room for all your houses is a perennial problem! This is certainly the case with the really big old dolls houses such as the LB Ltd DH/12 which is the largest house in my collection of Lines and Triang Houses.

The DH/12


The DH/12 features in the 1924 catalogue, where it is described as measuring 46 and a half inches, by 18 inches and with a height of 42 inches.

The floor is really the only place for such a large dolls house and mine is situated in my dining room, in front a radiator which fortunately never gets very hot and is not the main source of heating in the room. As a result the house has not suffered from drying out.

I bought my DH/12 in an antique centre  which has now sadly closed. With the exception of a few reproduction shutters, the repainted roof, and the small chimney (which is probably not the right one for this model), everything is original, including the wallpapers, light fittings etc. There are however a few things missing including the front door, a few internal doors, and the mock window which should be in the roof.


The Interior

 As soon as I saw the house, I fell in love with it. My husband (who is very supportive of my hobby) agreed it was unusual and therefore too good to miss. So we paid for the house and followed as a member of the centre's staff wheeled it outside to our car. Then - horror! It wouldn't fit in, it was 5.00pm, the centre was about to close for the night, and we were a long way from home. My husband's car is large - but it's a saloon not an estate car, and that was the problem.

However, undeterred, my husband decided he could easily take the roof off - thus allowing the house to fit on the back seat and the roof to go in the boot. I closed my eyes in horror - unable to watch as he used the tools in his boot to halve my precious new purchase.

Fortunately he didn't cause any lasting damage! Apart from wrecking the wires to the lights (which would doubtless have been unsafe to use anyway), he managed to put my house back together again on our arrival home with no sign of where it was ever taken apart.

The DH/12 is twelfth scale. It has six very large rooms plus a good size hall and landing. The family of dolls and their maid who live there were bought as a set on ebay.

Father reads the paper in the lounge


The maid sweeps up a spillage in the dining room

The furniture is a mix - but almost all old. One of my favourite makes is Pit-A-Pat and there are a number of pieces in the house - incuding a bureau, trolley, three piece suite, dressing table, chest of drawers, coffee table (minus its brass top though I have another in a different house which does have the top), toilet and a couple of interesting Pit-A-Pat accessories - the telephone and the portable electric fire complete with bulb to light it up, which is in the kitchen.


All ready to bath baby in the bathroom


Mother puts baby down for a nap in the main bedroom


As well as furniture, I have filled the house with many accessories. There are bone ornaments in the lounge, a variety of toys in the children's bedroom, a baby bath set in the bathroom, a sewing machine and work basket in the dining room, plus the pet cat and plenty of food and utensils in the kitchen.


The cat's having fun in the kitchen


The children at play

There is no doubt the massive size of a house such as this is a drawback to the modern collector, and I admit there have been times when I have thought that it is too big and will have to go. But then I look inside and know that actually, I couldn't bear to part with it!

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