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Good Golly Miss Dolly is thrilled to present - Our First Complete Dolls House! by Lorraine Rosner

Like all our doll rooms, it really is designed to be played with  - the scale is for 8”-11” dolls such as the vintage dolls shown, or Barbie, Skipper, Mini American Girl dolls, or even Middle Blythe.

This lovely dolls’ house came to us in a rather sorry state, complete with mouse droppings.  But, after some careful cleaning and with the addition of a wall in the top floor to make another bedroom space, it is ready to be played with again.




The external brick paper has been patched, floors and ceilings painted, walls papered with mid century-inspired papers, and a real wooden floor laid in the sitting room. 


The furniture dates from the 1950’s and 60’s, while the accessories are a mix of old and new.  In the children’s bedroom, there’s American Strombecker bunkbeds and antique chest of drawers; in the double bedroom, a matching bed and mirrored drawers.  (Note: all our bedding is handmade, hand-washable, and often crafted from vintage fabrics.)

The sitting room’s furniture is all craftsman made, from the seating to the storage units, albeit by different makers.  Note the small, stretched-canvas “painting” on the left wall.  (Again all the soft furnishings are handmade and hand-washable.) 

In the kitchen, all items are factory-made with the exception of the wall shelves.  The dining set is by Strombecker, while the amazing metal kitchen is from the German manufacturer, Fuchs.  Please note the vintage packaging,  the fabulous copper pans, the mop,  and lovely array of white ceramic china.

The doll family come from two manufacturers – Kenner and Suzanne Gibson; their clothes are stored in the drawers of their bedrooms.

And last but not least, there are seven LED battery-operated light fittings within the house, operated by individual little switches.  All in all, we are delighted to show you our unique creation - a stylish, mid-century modern townhouse for your dolls to inhabit.


The Townhouse is for sale - see

All photos  © Lorraine Rosner of Good Golly Miss Dolly, 

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