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Not So Quick Books - But Still Easy! by Valerie Towers


For these books you need a magazine or you can use an empty cheque book. It is a good method to make a lot at a time.

If you have covers already printed or downloaded from a free Printie site, offer them up to the spine of a magazine of the right thickness for your cover & draw around them to get size.

Easier to make a batch the same size by drawing all the way down the length of the mag. first & using a ruler to cut the spine free with a sharp blade. This can take some time.

Then place the cover over the spine to find length of each book & mark with a pencil or pen, whatever comes to hand.

Cut each book from the spine using the sharp blade held against the edge of the ruler.

Stick the cover on to the pages & leave to dry.  Simples! 

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