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A Whiskas House by Sheila Rosekilly

I  love my old Triang houses – I have three which all date from the early 1930s – The Nook, a DH/1 and a No 60 with black windows. I like to leave them in their original state - they all have original wallpaper and the DH/1 has original fireplaces.   Because I also love textures and gardens, I decided to make myself a new house, and the box that holds my cat’s food sachets looked a good option!

First I cut and shortened the box, as it was a bit too long for a house, then it was perfect for a two story 1/24th house.   I left the back open, for access, added a chimney, made a roof from cardboard, then I started adding paper mache – that was great fun!!   I would recommend it to anyone, it’s so therapeutic – I used printer paper for the walls and chimney, as I knew I would be painting them white or cream, and newspaper for the roof.

I’m not very good at perspectives but I have seen houses with odd windows in peculiar places – that was my excuse anyway!

 To curve the roof, I just wet the card and kept pushing it into shape - then had to fill in the wall underneath! I added doors and windows and my favourite fur fabric for the thatch.   I’ve put thatch on a number of houses and follow a tip I read years ago – spray the fabric with glue and a very light coat of black spray paint – it works very well.   Not yet done in this picture, still looking a bit shaggy!

From there it was just a matter of adding greenery for the garden and the wall climbers ...

 and, of course, furnishing it. As always, that’s still ongoing ……… The poor lady in the armchair is still hoping for a dress!!


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