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A Doll's House Alphabet by Val Hill


A    Accessories.

Every house needs lots of these, it’s surprising how many, and how much of the budget they swallow up (see ‘B’ and ‘F’ ).


B   Bank Account.

Never large enough,

frequently depleted (see 'F').


C   Car.

Indispensable for transporting houses, ideally, should be big enough for two.









D    Dust.

Occurs in human size houses to distract from doll houses.


E    End.

As in finish. Rarely occurs.



F    Family.

Useful if supportive (i.e. You want WHAT! For Christmas, Oh OK then.) If not, consider acquiring a new one.





G    Grecons.

Small people with large personalities. Cost out of proportion to size. (see ‘A’ 'B' and 'F')







H    Holidays.

A time for recuperation and an opportunity to search for new ideas and supplies.

I    Impoverished.

A claim made by other family members. Irrelevant when viewing new purchases.



J   Jealousy.

An emotion felt by many when viewing collections. Don’t worry, this is natural, and it is highly probable that someone is jealous of yours.


K    Knuckles.  

Plasters must be applied immediately they are damaged, blood is very

difficult to get out of wallpaper.


L     Lie.

As in “That house? Oh I’ve had that old thing for ages”. To be avoided. Most family members notice when a six bedroom doll house appears in the real house.



M     Meals. 

Most family members insist at attendance at these, even if it means leaving a project at an interesting stage.




N     Nails.

Damage to these can be repaired at salons. However this does divert funds from important matters (see ‘A’).


O     Overpainting.

This is part of the natural life cycle of a dolls house. Proud fathers become proud grandfathers and 'do up' the doll house. However, this is often done to vintage houses in gloss paint, disguising all the original features. (see 'S')




What the neighbours think

of you when you play with

Grecons in the garden.



Q    Queue

of jobs waiting to be done. Never gets smaller.


R    Room.

Never enough. Consider moving family into garden shed.





S     Scalpel.

Useful for removing Gloss (see 'O'). Also good at removing skin from fingers.


T       Tacky.

The stage of painting that pets and children are most drawn to.



U     Under the bed.

A possible hiding place for new acquisitions from unsympathetic eyes.





V     Vermin.

Can damage houses and contents. Many varieties, include woodworm, moths, spiders and children.








W     Wardrobe.

Another possible hiding place (see 'O'). Alternate use is to fit with shelves to display houses. Clothes can be kept in the garden shed.



X     Xenophobe.

A person unduly fearful of foreign ideas such as Gottschalk or Lundby.




Y      Yearning.

A common feeling when at fairs.



An excellent quality possessed in great amounts by many dollhouse collectors.



Photo credits: A: © Joan Joyce; C: © Deborah Green; D: © Rebecca Green; G: Hamleys catalogue; H: © diePuppenstubensammlerin; K: © Pinch of Pepper; M: © Valerie Towers; O: © Rebecca Green; R: © Zoe H.; S: © Celia Thomas of KT Miniatures; V: © Barbara King; W: © Christine Jaeger; Y: © Béatrice Dassonville.

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