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Christmas Trees by Jill Friendship

You will need: 

  • A piece of dark green felt, about 4 inches square
  • An 8" length of green papercovered wire
  • A large wooden bead 
  • A tiny red bow
  • About 12" of tiny tinsel
  • Lots of sparkly decorations
  • A small amount of earth made from dried tea bag
  • PVA glue
  • A large flat button.
  • Some little parcels wrapped in Christmas paper (I cut mine from a mail order catalogue, and little bits of wood or card for "presents").

Cut out a tree shape like the one in the picture, about 3 - 4 inches
high, in green felt. 

Bend the wire in half, and glue the top 3" of the bent wire to  one side of the tree shape, leaving about 1/2" hanging below the tree.

When the glue is dry, wrap some tape around the "trunk"  and push into the large bead until it's a tight fit.

Glue into place.  Leave to dry. 

Decorate your tree with sparkly jewels - you can find these and tinsel on ebay, and in craft shops. 

Glue the bottom of the bead onto a large flat button,  and then glue that onto a small piece of thick card.  This helps to keep the tree upright.  

The beauty of these little trees is that they don't take up a lot of space
in a dolls house room - yet look quite pretty. 


One year, I made my grandchildren presents of real money, wrapped in
the paper, and set them out round the little tree, in a room box with a fireplace,  and felt socks hanging on the mantelpiece, like the ones
in the photo. if you really want to drive yourself mad - you can make
paper chains - but after about 2" you might well find you don't want
to make paper chains any more!


I am able to supply kits to make these trees and socks for the mantlepiece, if anyone would like one.  The cost is £3 including postage in UK. My address is 1 Eastwood Manor Cottages, East Harptree, Bristol BS40 6AH. 

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