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From the Editor

This issue is, as you will notice, a little shorter than usual. I have been very busy at work, and have not had time to finish any articles myself! Thank you very much to all the members who contributed.

We have a focus on the individual and unique in this issue, including a homemade family heirloom dolls house, a rare castle from a well-known manufacturer of dolls house furniture, and commissioned dolls houses made by Christopher Cole, whose regular dolls house lines we saw in the last issue. We also have several profiles, including a maker of fine china, two people who offer workshops in creating aged, nostalgic miniatures, and someone who is well known for writing DIY articles in a major magazine, as well as for raising money for charity through her dolls house sales.

You may also notice that there is no giveaway competition this time, sorry! It should be back next time. (Offers of prizes are always welcome for this feature.)

I hope you all find something to enjoy and inspire you. Hopefully I'll be able to finish some articles myself for the next issue, so it should be back to its usual length!




Page 2     Great-Grandfather’s Dolls House by Jenefer Warwick James

Page 3     A Szalasi Castle by Charles Kellenbereger

Page 4     Designed and Made by Christopher Cole, Part 2 by Zoe H

Page 5      Scale 1:16 and me by Catherine Fontaine

Page 6      My life in dolls houses by Pat Cutforth

Page 7      Quality in Miniature – a profile of Stokesay Ware by Linda Willis

Page 8      Nostalgia in Miniature Workshops by Celia Thomas & Robin Britton

Page 9      My Visit to Small Worlds Museum in the Czech Republic by Zoe H

Page 10     Christmas Trees by Jill Friendship

Page 11     Submission Guidelines


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