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A Marx Dollhouse in my Collection  by Lynn Soderlund


If I had to say where my interest in miniatures started I would guess it's from being a "war baby". I was born in Germany in 1946. I can remember seeing a lot of bombed buildings as a child. The remaining part of a bombed structure looks remarkably like a doll house in America, with the back opening. I could see the furniture, beds, dressers, bookcases, etc. still standing, as if the building was cut with a knife. It wasn't until the 1980's that I first saw miniature furniture and knew I had to have a doll house to fill up. It took quite a few years before I made the connection to my childhood. Regardless of the hobby's origin, I will always enjoy building and furnishing doll houses.

I have recently obtained a vintage Marx doll house and have furnished it with an assortment of Renwal plastic furniture and some other pieces that seem to fit the scale of the tin houses of the 50's.  The house came from a friend of mind. She and her sister used to play with it when they were children. I am honored to have it in my collection.

The original furniture was different, with plain, solid colors and no details, and I have saved it, however I had a large amount of Renwal furniture and accessories that I wanted to display.


 So lucky to even have the awnings on the windows, and the front door.


Living room: I added a bit of small items to make it more homey. The man of the house of course always gets to read the evening news paper first. On the left is a red combo radio/record player. The slide out bit is the turn table and the dial (clock) is the radio dial, to change the frequencies.

Entry and dining area: An open floor plan even that long ago. The clock is from another era, a family heirloom.


Kitchen: There's Mom in a dress and in the kitchen fixing dinner and cleaning up. Prior to woman's liberation?


The master bedroom needs some dressing up, a bed cover or soft pillows maybe.


The bathroom

The nursery: Baby needs some blankets and soft toys too.


The patio: Those pesky neighbor kids keep coming over to play.


The laundry room: Oh yes, another room for Mom!

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