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How to Make a Bed from a Box by Jill Friendship


You will need:    

  • A box  approx. 6"L  x  4"W  and  2" deep and a lid 1" deep and a small piece of card 3" x 1 3/4"
  • Fabric or paper to cover the sides and ends of bed base, and the headboard,  and white paper to cover the top of the bed base.  
  • Use matching paper or fabric to make the drapes, and/ or complimentary silk to make the bedspread.   Fabric is best for the drapes.
  • White or cream silky fabric for the mattress cover and sheet
  • Thin foam / wadding for the mattress and pillow
  • 24" trim
  • 1 bow and a rose.
  • PVA or similar glue, scissors and a tape measure. A plastic milk carton top and some cocktail sticks are handy to have near by.



To make.

Cut the lid so it is 5" long and cover it with the main fabric - you can use self-adhesive which is available on ebay. Cover the sides, inside and out, and the inside of the back.


Cut out the drapes, 3½ " wide and 6" long.  Make a very narrow hem around 3 sides  - you can sew or glue this.

Cover the top of the box, placing the fabric over the front by 3/4" up over the top and down the back for ½ ". This will form the canopy. See the pictures  - the back of the box lid will go against the wall when it is all assembled.


Cover the bed base, the side and the ends with the same fabric you used for the bedhead, and cover the top of the bedbase with white paper.  Cut a piece of thin wadding or foam to fit the top of the bedbase, and cover it with white silk, then glue it to the bedbase top down the middle. leaving it un-glued on the sides    Fold a piece of white silk across and under the mattress, folding down the top about 1".  This will form the sheet.  You can now glue the sheet and mattress to the top of the bedbase to secure it.  Don't use too much glue! I use Uhu as I think it is easy to control.   I put some glue - just a teaspoon or so, into the milk carton lid, and dab it onto the fabric with a cocktail stick . 

Make the pillow by 3" x 4" piece of fabric, fold it together,  right sides facing each other, and hem round three sides.  Sewing is best for this - you can do tiny running stitches.  Turn it out the right way, fill with wadding and stitch up the end.

Make 3 little pleats in the top of the drapes. They need to face forwards - so do one side one way - and opposite on the other.  If you have a patterned fabric make sure it’s the right way up!   Glue the top of the pleats to the side of the box - again see the photos - and leave it to dry.

You can make a simple bedspread from a piece of silk by fraying out 3 sides about 1/4". Fold the top side over about 1" and glue trim along the hemline - then glue the trim around the top of the drapes, along the canopy bottom, round, up and along the canopy top - again see the pictures - glue your bow to the centre of the canopy.  Glue your rose onto the bedspread  - like it fell there.


Cover the small piece of card with the same fabric as the bedspread, and glue trim around the edge, then glue this onto the centre of the bed above where the pillow will be. 

And there you have it - a pretty, inexpensive bed.  I do hope you enjoy making one. Please use the pictures to help follow the instructions and Good Luck!

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