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From the Editor

Dolls houses can be great fun, and a good way to escape from the pressures of everyday life. As well as enjoying them, or as a way of adding to our enjoyment, many of us like to know who made our dolls houses and their furnishings, when, where, how, etc. Knowing more can feed our passion for collecting more, too! We have several articles in this issue which I hope will feed your thirst for knowing more - about dolls houses and dolls house furniture from Germany, the UK and Australia, from very famous manufacturers, a lesser known maker - and a still unknown maker! They provide food for thought about the popularity of various architectural and interior design styles embodied in dolls houses and their furnishings, too. 

Several articles also reflect on what dolls houses mean - to their creators, to their owners, to curators and visitors to museums - and explore how dolls houses can express themes of nostalgia, of the passage of time, change and loss.   

Online publishing is different in many ways from print publishing. One great difference is that an ezine does not have a fixed page limit, either in the number of pages, or the length of individual web pages. This satisfies my passion for knowing and sharing as much as possible about a topic - but it does mean that, if you prefer to read a hard copy, or want to print articles for reference, you may end up using many many pages of paper! I hope the interest and usefulness of the information presented in the articles outweighs any inconvenience this might cause. 

I hope you enjoy this issue, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts!



Page 2 Beloved Boulle - A glimpse of two dolls house furniture factories in Waltershausen by Swantje Köhler

Page 3 Dolls Houses of Sydney Toy Store Walther & Stevenson by Rebecca Green

Page 4 Moritz Gottschalk Dolls Houses 1947-1971 by diePuppenstubensammlerin with Rebecca Green

Page 5 A Marx Dollhouse in my Collection by Lynn Soderlund

Page 6 Designed & Made by Christopher Cole - Part I by Zoe H

Page 7 ABSENCE: Art with the Doll's House Connection by Veronica Tonge and Jenny Fairweather

Page 8 The Stettheimer Dollhouse: A Biography, Part II by Kaitlin Vaughan

Page 9 A Mackintosh Cabinet by Janet Mansbridge

Page 10 How to Make a Bed from a Box by Jill Friendship

Page 11 Sofa Tutorial (For all scales) by Pinch of Pepper

Page 12 Giveaway Competition for Members

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