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Some Large Scale Vintage Dollhouse Furniture by Susan Hale

I'd like to share with you two sets of large scale dollhouse furniture I have acquired, from around the 1920s-1940s.

This wonderful bedroom set appears to have been handmade for some lucky little girl many decades ago.


This set is a perfect size for the famous French Bleuette.


I bought this sweet doll thinking she was a Bleuette, but I cannot match her markings to that elusive girl. She is one number off, so she may be a sister. She was made by the SFBJ organization in Paris circa 1920s.  



I feel that the set was made in the 1920s or 1930s. The craftsmanship is beautiful. The dolls are about 10 inches high, so I suppose the scale is just under 1/6th.

Bleuette's friend is also from Paris. I got her there when I went in 2012. She was a less inexpensive doll than the fully jointed Bleuette. I wrote about Bleuettes in the Musée de la Poupée in Paris here.

Bleuette seems happy with her room. She has real eyelashes and cute little teeth.


Nap time.


All the doors and drawers work. The set is beautifully constructed.

Room for the chamber pot. I guess each girl has their own.


I love the little design extras like the cut-outs in these pieces.


All ready to add clothes.


The mirror still reflects after 80+ years.


The second set is a little later. I think this beautifully made dining room set was handcrafted around 1940, probably for 8" dolls. The detail of the set is amazing. 



The set is too big for a 1:12 scale dollhouse. I will have to make a room box for it. This setting is a temporary box made from artist canvases. The paintings are held up by magnets. I didn't want to damage the canvases with pins or tape.


I think it was built before Ginny was popular and decades before Barbie arrived on the market, so I would be curious to know what doll originally went with the set.

The table extends to include one board. The table legs are very detailed.


Each chair has a hand-carved back and hand carved legs. 


The server, like the other pieces, has hand carved legs.


The buffet is beautifully made.


The china cabinet has cellophane in the door to mimic glass. The design in the door is hand cut.




This is a little flapper type doll made in Germany in the 1920s.  


  This doll is too early for the set as her 1920's frock shows, but she is the right size for it.


The set included a 1940 "The Great Allentown Fair Exhibitor" form.  This Pennsylvania Fair has been held in early Fall since 1852.



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