Dolls' Houses Past & Present

A website and ezine about dolls' houses: antique, vintage and modern. Plus furniture and accessories.

From the Editor

Welcome to the first issue of our online magazine for 2015. Unfortunately, the pressure of work and a few minor illnesses have resulted in this appearing long after the month it was due in, for which I apologise.

Thanks to the members who have contributed this time, we see antique, vintage and modern dolls houses, learn about German makers of dolls houses and dolls house dolls, meet some other dolls who are not human and whose home is not a house, and find out how to make Victorian lamps and a firescreen. One of the dolls houses is a unique individual creation, others were manufactured commercially, while those by Modelcraft were plans and designs available for a short nine year period - whether any were actually constructed, we don't know!

I hope all members find something to interest, inspire or intrigue you in this issue.



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