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My 12th Scale Static Caravan and Seaside Scenes by Gillian Faulkner


As a young child I enjoyed playing with my Triang dolls' house and always wanted to begin the hobby of collecting dolls houses again in my retirement, especially after viewing some in a shop in York and in Coleraine where I live.

I now have four dolls houses: a Melissa and Doug Victorian doll's house to which I added a garden, patio area, and music conservatory room; Mimosa Cottage from the Dolls House Emporium; Victorian Dolls house from the Victorian Dolls House Collector published by RBA; Del Prado Dream Doll's House, and a Del Prado Dolls' House Step by Step Complete project to be built later next year. I also have the complete DeAgostini Build your own Ultimate Dolls' House Set and magazines. My ultimate dream is to build Grosvenor Hall from the Dollshouse Emporium Range!

As well as these dolls houses, I have made several other miniatures, including the 12th Scale Caravan and Kat's Beach Shop, which I show here, plus a Hallowe'en Spooktacular, Santa's Grotto, Winter Wonderland, a Christmas Market, Anne's Birthday Party, Alan's Pizzeria and an Easter Eggstravaganza. In all of these I display items made by Kat from Stitching4u, who sells her own 12th scale miniatures on Ebay. I will soon be commencing work on her London Gift Shop and Toy Shop and displaying her items in my new Streets Ahead six room Department Store.

However, I am in the process of moving house and have had to pack away all my miniatures until I move in October.

12th Scale Willerby Static Caravan

My husband and myself enjoyed many happy holidays in our own static caravan in Donegal in the north of Ireland, surrounded by beautiful countryside, hills and beaches. The idea came to me to replicate the situation in a 12th scale model. Upon searching the internet, I came across an advert on Gumtree from a lady in Aberdeen who was selling the exact model of a Willerby static caravan very like our own, 36” in length by 12” wide. I replied to the advert and the caravan was duly sent. I began this project in June 2013.

The first pictures show it on its arrival in the post:




I added a children's playground area to the side, and also some decking just like mine, with a barbecue and old fashioned deck chairs.  




Inside, I decided to add retro features remembered from my childhood caravan holidays spent in a 1970's Roadmaster 14 feet touring caravan, for example the Womble-themed bedding, curtains and toys, which were specially made by ebay seller Kat from stitching4u.  



I also included my favourite games - Monopoly and Cluedo and the Spacehoppers outside.



The lady from Aberdeen whom I purchased the caravan from made the other soft furnishings and furniture.



Using a small plastic box and some cut out tiles I made a little shower unit.



I painted miniature scenes of Donegal and the sea using an artist programme for my Nintendo DS, and scaled them down using my printer. I then displayed my own paintings on the walls throughout the caravan.  








Next I made a field to one side with sheep and horses just like the countryside surrounding our site in Donegal, and added paving around the caravan.

With the addition of a 12th scale blue and white Mini Cooper S exactly like my own car, a little bicycle to remember all those bicycle rides in Donegal, and an alfresco dining area, it was complete.

I even included a little model of a house with opening doors and windows and a tiny model of a farm for the 12th scale children to play with outside.

To finish I printed photographs of our own caravan and surroundings and displayed them on the walls around the model.


Seaside Scene with Kat's Beach Shop


My next project was a 12th Scale miniature seaside scene, which I completed in August 2013.

I love living near the seaside and wanted to create a Seaside Scene incorporating an old seawall and an old fisherman called Jock who only managed to catch an old wellie boot on the end of his fishing line!, a seaside promenade, and a seaside shop, named Kat's Beach Shop because of a lady called Kat, an ebay seller (stitching4u) who made all the items for the shop and the Punch and Judy show. 



The project began with a cork notice board which was used as a base for the sea and the sea wall. I then used some foam craft sheets and painted waves over the top. I made the old sea wall out of a box, stuck on some stones and added bits of grass between the stones. With the addition of some wooden fencing and plastic railings next I made a promenade from some slate and cardboard.



I purchased additional items on ebay from a variety of different sellers: the fishing boat, Old Jock the fisherman, the Punch and Judy kiosk and the street light. I bought the sand, stones, shells, sandcastles, life buoys, etc, from an online store specialising in seaside miniatures, and the Seaside scene began to look more authentic. 

A seagull after Old Jock's lunch, a little flask of tea and even a little pail of fish in ice on the fishing boat were the little finishing touches that I wanted.


Jock is advertising daily fishing trips. On the right is a little rock pool.


Finally I made little signs and placed them on the promenade and seawall.




I decorated a shop box to look like a seaside store with seaside colours and motifs printed using clip art. I decorated the inside with seaside wallpaper and pictures, and using Kat's items slowly the shop started to come to life. 

Just look at the quality of those windmills and fishing nets! There’s even a body board.  


Tasty treats: jam scones, sandwiches, hot dogs, candy floss of all varieties on a stick in a bag, icecreams all flavours, and lollies!!!


Kat had to move everything indoors as there was a sudden downpour! Lots of different sun hats, all different styles and colours! Lots of flip flops too! Lovely beach outfits and a fishing rod, beach bags, beach towels, piles of shorts and T shirts - beach clothes galore! Kiss Me Quick His and Her T shirts and hats to match!

"Now, young Emily, what would you like to buy?" There’s just so much. Emily can’t make up her mind!

Can you see the green turtles on the top right shelf?

Amazing Deals! Half Price! All credit cards accepted. There are lots of beach umbrellas and a windbreak. Aren’t the kites lovely. Mum bought a lovely windbreak and a beach bag. She’s heading for the beach now.  

Anne and Emily bought beach windmills.  


With the addition of the 12th scale people and the roof top Rimini Fish Restaurant the project was complete.


Anne can’t wait for the Punch & Judy show to begin. Odette, Katie’s little puppy, senses all the excitement.  


Watch out for the CROCODILE!


The Rimini Roof Top Fish Restaurant continues the nautical sea theme as all the furniture has a fish motif.  


The children are waiting to be served their lunch.


Bye for now, hope that you all enjoyed your visit? Call by and see us!

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