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A Crochet Granny Square Bedcover by Valerie Towers


Materials needed: I or 2ply  yarn or Crochet Cotton & a fine crochet hook.

Abbreviations.  Sl st is Slip stitch. Tr is Treble, Dc is Double crochet.


If you are a total beginner there are lots of videos on Youtube but be aware that DC in the USA is called single crochet & their dc is what we call treble.

Start with 6 chain & join with a slip stitch into first chain to make a circle.


Round 1.  3 chain. (counts as first treble)  11 treble into ring, slip stitch into 3rd of three chain.


Round 2.  3 chain, 5 treble into next space, *Miss 3 treble; 6 treble into next space* Repeat  from * to*  twice more & join with a slip stitch in 3rd of 3 chain. 



Round 3. Slip Stitch into the tops of the next 2 stitches;   3 chain,  5 treble into  next (corner) space,* Miss 3 treble, 3 treble into next space, miss 3 treble, 6 treble into next (corner) space* three times, join with a slip stitch as before.



Round 4.  If you are working in the same colour for several rows, repeat slip stitch into tops of next 2 stitches  & a sl. st into the middle space of 6 treble on every new round so that you start in a corner.

3 chain  2 treble 1 chain 3 treble into first corner, *miss 3 treble, 1 chain 3 treble into next  space * repeat from * to * once, **miss 3 treble, 3 tr 1 ch 3 tr into next corner** repeat from * to * & ** to  ** repeat these steps all the way back to the beginning of the round & join with a slip stitch into 3rd of 3 chain.



Continue adding rounds until the bedcover fits your chosen bed, changing colours as you wish.

To finish the edge, work, 1 row of double crochet all round working 3 double crochet into each corner.

A really nice edging is several rows of double crochet in a contrasting colour.




Picot Edging.  This is the one I use most often.  Join yarn to a corner & work 3 chain, I dc into first chain of three, (makes a little peak) miss 1dc on edge, 1 dc into top of next dc; if your work is a bit loose miss two dc; continue all the way round & finish with a slip stitch in the first dc & fasten off!




I hope you can follow this & beware it IS addictive!

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